Nick Adams Tribulations By Hemingway Essay

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In the Short Stories by Ernest Hemingway a young boy by the name of Nick Adams goes through his life's tribulations slowly learning and experiencing new things. Nick Adams is a young boy that is very naïve and still has many things to learn before he is considered a true man. Contained in these stories are the experiences that Nick goes through, helping him understand many topics and ideas such as: life, death, and relationships.In the story of the Indian Camp nick has his first experience. In this story Nick learns about life and death. In the Indian camp a young Indian woman is giving birth to a child and Nick's dad is dedicated to performing as a doctor by helping the woman with her birth. Nick decides to go along with his father. The birth was a very brutal process, with only a pen knife and fishing leader and with no anesthesia for the woman, it was hard not to be. In the process of the woman giving birth, the husband of the woman could not bear the pain he was feeling for his wife and decided to cut his throat. Nick witnessed life and death first hand in this story. Nick who has observed the proceedings asks, 'Is dying hard, Daddy? Nick learns that giving birth to a child is a very grueling task and that death can come very easy to any man or woman without much effort.Another experience of death that Nick encounters is in the story of The Killers. Nick decided to go into a local café to get something to eat, and before he knew it he was caught up in a deadly affair that threatened his life. Two thugs came into the cafeteria and wanted to kill a man by the name of Ole Anderson, a Swedish man. Nick was soon part of the crime. The thugs kept him there because he was a witness to the scene. The thugs just planned to kill him as soon as they popped off Ole. Gladly Ole never showed up and nothing happened, but this was an...

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2450 words - 10 pages and difficulty of their existence with stoic courage (Infoplease 1).  Nick Adams’ father needed firmness in the “Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife.”  Instead of being strong and standing up to Nick Adams with courage, he became weak and gave in to Nick Adams pleas (Hemingway, Ernest 31).  In the short story “The Killers,” Ole Anderson illustrates the willingness to take his medicine with courage and without whining (Bloom 47).  In “The Snows of

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1083 words - 4 pages came out in the grand leagues today, he thought. It would be wonderful to do this with a radio. Then he thought, think of it always. Think of what you are doing. You must do nothing stupid” (48). Hemingway reiterates the theme of emotional weakness in Indian Camp, where Nick and Dr. Adams view the Indian man’s death passively and apathetically. “‘Why did he kill himself, Daddy?’ ‘I don’t know, Nick. He couldn’t stand things, I guess’” (95). Nick

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2763 words - 11 pages Hemingway himself. Just as Hemingway did, Nick Adams grew up around the Michigan woods. Adams also went overseas to fight in the war, was severely wounded, and returned home."Writing about anything actual was bad.It always killed it. The only writing that was any good was what you made up, what you imagined.... Everything good he'd ever written he'd made up. None of it ever happened" (NAS,pg.217)All of Hemingway's work seems to revolve around the

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2277 words - 9 pages he lives in that world" (Benson, 143).   Even Ole is less affected by the incident than Nick.  He has come to terms with the situation, and knows that it is a matter of time before they kill him.  Ole says, "'After a while I'll make up my mind to go out'" (Hemingway, 251).  Ole's statement is dramatic irony.  As he states he will "go out," this can be interpreted in two ways.  One is that "go out" is a reference to leave the room, and the other

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1848 words - 8 pages romantic delusions individuals had prior to WWI to signify the affects war cast on romance. Nick Adams is a fictional character that Hemingway has made a sequence of short stories about. In the short story Now I Lay Me, Hemingway introduces us to Nick who is a soldier in WWI. We quickly learn that Nick is an insomniac and he is afraid of going to sleep at night because if he ever shut his eyes in the dark and let his self go “[His] soul would go

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1401 words - 6 pages boy that travels across the lake to an Indian Village. He watches his father, who is a doctor; deliver a baby by caesarian section to an Indian woman. Nicks father discovers that the baby’s father has committed suicide. Nick and his father have a conversation discussing death, which brings the story to an end. Hemingway grew up in a middle class suburb, where his parents Ed and Grace raised him. Ed was a doctor who took his son along on visits

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