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"Nickel And Dimed" Essay On The Statement "There Are No Secret Economies That Nourish The Poor; On The Contrary, There Are A Host Of Special Costs."

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Low-Wage Workers" There are no secret economies that nourish the poor; on the contrary, there are a host of special cost", meaning that there isn't any help for the poor but yet they have to pay for everything they need and have. Although it may be true in some cases but I disagree with the statement. The reason why I disagree is because it all depends on the person's situation. As for Barbara Ehrenreich she bases it on her co-workers life on how some struggle just get by without support. Unfortunately they are in a bad position where they are not able to receive support from others around them or simply because they're not motivated enough to do something about it and move on.People who work low-wage jobs aren't necessarily poor or in need of serious help. Some people work a low-wage job as a second job to earn more income to pay off bills or expense the have. Then there are others who only work a low-wage job expecting to survive off it when in reality that's not possible the way the economy is right now. In most cases people who do work two jobs usually have support from family members or close friends in case anything goes wrong they will be able help them out in any way they can. That's the way it is with our family, if my dad isn't able to pay the house mortgage or utility bills then my older sister or mom will put in the rest to complete the payments. Then again there are the less fortunate people who aren't able to fall back on someone especially family members who support and help out the most. The people Ehrenreich, encountered didn't really have support from others around them and if they did it wasn't really helpful. One example would be Gail, who rented a flophouse with a roommate who eventually starts hitting on her but she has to put up with it because if not then she wont have enough money to come up with the weekly rent. Each co-worker Ehrenreich, knew had a different story or different situation but the common one was the place they stayed at and how some couldn't afford an actual apartment or house. Most of them rented a motel room, lived in a trailer, or lived in their car because they didn't have enough money.If they were secret economies then people who receive welfare wouldn't be receiving it if it were a secret. People in the low-wage class believe that there isn't any help out there for them but there always is. They just have to search around and find information about the programs there are, not only programs but they can receive help from within their community just that many don't bother with it for some reason simply because they don't have the time to do so. Another is that some programs that are out there to help out don't really help, like what happened to Ehrenreich, while working at Wal-Mart and trying to receive help from an agency that then sent her to another place. She was in need of a refrigerator...

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