Nickel And Dimed: The Downtrodden And The Ignored

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America’s lower class is omnipresent. Waiters, taxi drivers, maids, and cooks are all examples of people who likely make minimum wage or close to it. Much like with the untouchables of Hinduism, people deal with these workers daily and often do not give a second thought at how their lifestyles are. This pervasive disregard for the lower class has led to many people not knowing the seemingly insurmountable difficulties many members of the lower class face daily. Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America seeks to expose the harsh realities of life for these people. She notes that some of coworkers are homeless and that others must support multiple people with an income of less than ten dollars an hour. Repeatedly, she includes details that highlight the desperately destitute conditions of her coworkers. At its core, Nickel and Dimed is a book whose author wrote to edify people of the reprehensible conditions of the lower class in the United States and the injustices of the American system.
Continuously, Ehrenreich concludes with disdain that living off of a minimum wage job without being homeless is difficult or impossible. At each of the states she travels to, she finds she must work two jobs in order to afford even the most basic rooms. She notes that her troubles are not unique. Persistently, she writes about her coworkers being homeless or in one instance, not even being able to afford proper food and instead eating only a bad of Doritos chips for lunch daily (78). When she is working at a cleaning company, she and her coworkers must buy some cheap cleaning solution, but she realizes that they do not even have the $5 collectively between four working adults to buy the solution they need (citation needed). In addition to describing the deplorable conditions of her coworkers, Ehrenreich focuses on the difficulty of finding housing for much of the book. As she attempts to find a suitable rental, she concludes in each state she conducts her research in that she must work another job in order to find housing that meets even the most basic requirements of being a suitable shelter. The one instance in which Ehrenreich does not work two jobs and has housing is in Minnesota. However, Ehrenreich realizes she cannot work at only her job in Walmart and decides to end her research as she cannot afford to pay rent for much longer with only one job (citation needed). A 2013 study supports Ehrenreich’s conclusion that finding an affordable rental while working a minimum wage job is impossible, finding that on average, a minimum wage worker must work for eighty or more hours a week in order to afford an entry-level apartment (“2013 Hours at Minimum Wage Needed to Afford Rent”). With Nickel and Dimed, Ehrenreich exposes the impossibility of living on minimum wage without being homeless.
She also expresses her discontent for the wealthy homeowners who view the maids with contempt: “do the owners have any idea of the...

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