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Moving Mountains Lecture: Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining and Public HealthMichael HendryxEnviroment-has permanently buried over 1200 miles of streams-spoil is deposited in adjacent valleys-Conductivity in streams and rivers increased. Conductivity shouldn't be that highJobs- Coal industry states: We need those jobsEvery coal mining job ...view middle of the document...

35 jobsGenerates only 8 bill, direct, indirect, induced benefits- coal mining areas low college attendance povertylow income-no coal counties have the a normal income-in fact, poverty rate where mining is significant, is highestHealth-High mortality rate-Age -adjusted lung cancer in coal-mining areas very high-Cardiopulmonary and kidney disease mortality are much higher in areas of Appalachia where mtm occurs. This has been readjusted for smoking, age, etc- Self-reported health surveys from CDC-Low birth rate, Birth defects- Respiratory effects are more significant in woman than men. We don't know why-Paper towel story in town-Mtm dust. Animal tests: dust kills heart cells. It impairs vascular function-Ultrafines- particles the size of a virus. High surface to volume toxicity. High deposition rate.-Annual deaths are much higher

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Dimensions of Conflict and Social Styles Model

1038 words - 4 pages Dimensions of Conflict and Social Style models Introduction This paper will describe both the dimensions of conflict and social styles model. The context will include how to use both models to diagnose and resolve conflicts. This paper will use a conflict scenario that demonstrates how to effectively use both models. The dimensions of conflict and social style models are effective

Pina Bausch. A glance at her journey

785 words - 3 pages Pina Bausch"In the beginning there was nothing. It starts very small and becomes bigger.."Pina Bausch.In the mists of great dance practitioners such as Mary Wigman, John Ashbery and Bertolt Breeht stands Pina Bausch, who many critics describe as a woman of undefinable character with an immense sense of leadership. This research paper will briefly narrate Pina Bausch's life in the dancing profession focusing on her influences such as, people like

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1765 words - 7 pages December 13, 2013 when we received the exciting news that we were starting an I-search paper! Oh yes, writing a six page long essay on only fifteen short stories will be so facile. NOT!!! On the bright side each day working on this project had led me to new insights and fantastic knowledge about Aesop and his fables. Which sincerely I thought there was not much to know. The first step was quite simple due to the fact that it was based on two opinion

TWELVE and a half

2608 words - 11 pages slightly parted and arms hanging loosely at my sides with diminishing tension around the paper handles of grocery bags. They finally collapse to the floor in a frantic clang of jars and crinkling wrappers in absolute slow motion. It takes nearly ten seconds from leaving my hands to hitting the worn linoleum beneath my feet before the sound registers in my brain. I flip the mental switch, but it seems to be broken. Is there a wire missing? Have I lost

History of Rock and Roll

2541 words - 11 pages rock is a great genre of music, but many people also love the soft, soothing sound of soft rock. Soft rock is a slow, calm style of rock. Many good singers were part of the soft rock genre, such as Stevie Nicks and Steve Perry. Journey, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, and Supertramp are the most notable bands of the soft family. One doesn’t often hear this type of music anymore, but it is a genre truly missed by soft rock fans. Pop rock bands from the

Conflict in The Workplace: A Look at Carolyn and Nick

2451 words - 10 pages This paper will discuss how to diagnose a conflict using various conflict models using a case study that involves a workplace conflict between two individuals. Included will be detailed characteristics and attributes of the parties involved and how they may affect the conflict. Confidentiality is important in the workplace and will be discussed in regards to the case study. Resolution solutions that a practitioner may use will be suggested to

Application of Theory towards Ethical Implementation of Military Force

2924 words - 12 pages right-wing, might allow me to retain my sanity and stay useful to my parishioners and clients.      My thinking is primarily a synthesis of Hans Jonas and G.E.M. Anscombe, but it has been influenced by nearly every author we have considered. Obviously I have in my life been influenced on the subject by a great many sources not covered in this class, for the purposes of this paper, I will consider only a handful of outside

Women in Sports Advertisements

3600 words - 14 pages yourself, and to be an athlete you don’t have to be perfect or the best. This article did further my knowledge, however, and will be a good source in my final paper. I now know how Nike’s sports advertising that was made for women, first started and how they portrayed women. I understand what was expected from female athletes, and how Nike encouraged women to strive for excellence. I learned that Nike did not advertise their products as products for

Who owns DNA, and how it can be patented

3459 words - 14 pages , one gen codes for reverse transcriptase and the other is for enzyme integrase. As the genes are transcribed, the mRNA leaves the nucleus and is translated. The LINE proteins and mRNA re-enter the nucleus then integrase nicks the DNA and reverse transcriptase makes DNA from the mRNA, and DNA polymerase makes the complementary DNA. Finally a new copy of LINE now exists! Most LINE transposons in humans are not functional -- they lack one or both

mech in our life

7701 words - 31 pages . Recognizing them is the first step you can take toward protecting yourself from the dangers they present. We will briefly examine the following types of hazards in turn. Rotating Motion can be dangerous; even smooth, shaft ends, spindles, and horizontal or vertical shafting are sonle examples of common rotating mechanisms which may be hazardous. There is added danger when bolts, nicks, abrasions, and projecting keys or set screws are exposed on

When the Bubble Burst

1539 words - 6 pages By the time I arrived state side from my second tour in the Middle East the housing bubble had already burst. I noticed a drastic change in the way that many of my friends and family were living. Several of my friends that worked in real estate had sold their boats and seconds houses. My own stock portfolio had lost a third of its value. My sister and her husband had defaulted on their home mortgage leaving them scrambling for a place to live. I

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Nicks Paper

675 words - 3 pages Stereotypes are a big part of society these days especially for teenagers. Stereotypes affect a lot of teenager at our school. Writer and novelist, Shankar Vedantam, in his article, “How a Self-fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” argues that though stereotypes are not his favorite genre of judgment it is one that demands to be heard. He supports his claim by first explaining that he avoided stereotypes throughout his life as it was

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524 words - 2 pages Alexandria HancockMarch 24, 2014AP English LanguagePeriod 5Nicks' fascination with GatsbyIn "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, our view on the prestigious society of New York is through the eyes of Nick Carraway. Nick is a fascinating man with a past of being in the war before his friends convinced him that being in the bonds business was all the rage. His pursuit of the job however led him to the one man that interested Nick the most

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1280 words - 5 pages together that critics refer to as 'The Education of Nick Adams' (129). Adams is Hemingway's character that critics believe to be his means of writing about his own life. Hemingway shows us that Nick finds his consolation in his father.Hemingway's depiction of Mrs. Henry Adams, Nick's mother, portrays her to be an overbearing and obnoxious woman. Benson describes Mrs. Adams as: 'Nicks mother is a woman who smothers sweetly with that peculiar self

Graduation Speech

556 words - 2 pages have the right to waste our minds and our talent. I guess it's cool to have a job. I'm probably going to regret this later when I find myself on the receiving end of a wedgie/swirly/pantsing/beating, but when I look back at my years at Hoskins High, the words of Stevie Nicks come into mind. In her song Landslide, she sings, "I've been afraid of changes, because I built my life around you." Like so many of you, my friends and fellow students, I