Nicolas Carr On The New Digital Age By Eric Schmidt And Jared Cohen

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Has anyone ever thought of a robot assistant or teachers teaching on television screens? These ideas may become present in the future if technology advances. In Nicholas Carr’s article, he uses the book, The New Digital Age, written by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen to discuss the technological world that may be present in the near future. Nicholas Carr summarizes their research into an article to discuss if technology inhabits humans with supplementary amounts of information that could threaten government control.
The purpose of Nicholas Carr’s article is to further explain Schmidt and Cohen’s knowledge and add his own thoughts as well. As the internet produces more information, ...view middle of the document...

Although this may sound intriguing for most people, it means that every piece of information will be spread over the Net and there will be limited privacy for web users. Another argument that Carr points out is, with this new technology that can access loads of information, the government will have to crack down on users in order for some documents to be kept private. The author states, “By monitoring the traffic that flows through the gateway routers that connect their countries to the Net, they’ll be able to censor the information their people see” (Carr). Carr uses numerous examples, including Schmidt and Cohen’s research, in order to prove the argument that foreshadows the technological future.
Schmidt, an executive chairman of Google, and Cohen, a director of Google ideas, have thoroughly researched the topic of the future technological world. Although they have gathered statistic and theories from scientists, readers can still question their credibility of the subject. The article is mainly a hypothesis for the future and one can only predict what might happen in years to come. Carr states, “Despite the excited rhetoric, there’s something desultory about Schmidt and Cohen’s recital of future wonders.” Carr uses the word desultory to question the authors’ capability to research the truth and what is really the truth. Obviously, humans only exist in the present tense and everyone will eventually exhibit the future tense. For now, individuals can only guess what future inventions may be built and no one can prove whether one is right or wrong.
Another uncertainty of the author’s credibility is that they avoid using personal experiences or solutions to this problem. Schmidt and Cohen’s book focuses on logical information to prove their assumption. However, Carr...

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