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A large nation discovered in West Africa that home to around 155,142,000 human beings, lies Nigeria. Surrounded by a body of water, it is the most populated country found in Africa. Furthermore, it is the most populous countries in the entire world. With their inviting resources such as petroleum fields, they attracted many individuals who wanted to take over their land. They went through years of torture trying to become colonized and persisted on trying to gain independence. Similarly, this country can be compared to the United States (Donnelley).
The geography and environment of Nigeria contains the following. Nigeria is located in the north west of the African continent. The Gulf of Guinea is the northeastern most part of the tropical Atlantic Ocean. To the north the land mass is arid and flat. The central region is tropical and hilly. There are also lowland and southeastern mountains in the south. The geography varies significantly from region to region. There are southern coastal swamps in the north that contains tropical forests, woodlands, grasslands, and semi-desert plains. The weather conditions are different all over the place. There can be soil degradation; oil pollution –water, air, and soil. Nigeria’s experiences two types of seasons, a wet and dry season. A wet season usually starts from April and ends around October. There is a south westerly wind that brings cloudy and rainy weather. There is also a dry season that starts from November and ends in March. This is when an easterly wind brings dust and fair weather. (Dowing).
The first human being to set foot on Nigeria, were the Portuguese. They established a trade route in Benin during the 1400’s that involved slaves with the African Leaders. Other leaders who got involved later were the British, Dutch and other European traders. Once the 1700’s rolled around, the British were the leading slave traders on the Nigerian coast. In the year 1807, the British government decided to outlaw the slave trade. They signed treaties with other neighboring countries in Europe in attempt to end slavery. In 1851, the British seized control of Lagos which serve as a base that the British continued their war against the slave trade. In order to increase their influence, they wanted to seize control of Lagos. (Donnelley).
Not until the late 19th century, the slave trade was abolished. Soon after, most of the continent was explored, mapped and divided that the European powers began to govern Africa on a daily basics. Nigeria was being colonized by the British back then. The British noticed how useful the land of Nigeria was by the many resources found in their environment. The British wanted resources that were useful to them such as Nigeria’s oil and other resources they discovered once they owned the land. The British competed against other European countries or occupation of Africa. Before the British owned much of Africa after their victory of attaining it, there were many legitimate...

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