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Name of culture observed: Nigerian 
Communication Behavior Observations (time 1)
Personal observations 1:
After migrating to Miami to further my education, I realized it was a very diverse place. I met many different people of different cultures and have made new friendships. I met a Nigerian woman during my time here and we have become friends. Being around her, I was able to observe and note her behaviors for this project. She is very driven and motivated. She recently shared with me that she has studied pharmacy and is now studying fashion. She works part time in a local pharmacy. This is very important to her as she is helping her husband provide for the family. Before, it was only ...view middle of the document...

Power distance: Nigeria scores high on this dimension (score of 80) which means that people accept a hierarchical order in which everybody has a place and which needs no further justification. Hierarchy in an organization is seen as reflecting inherent inequalities, centralization is popular, subordinates expect to be told what to do and the ideal boss is a benevolent autocrat.

Masculinity-femininity: Nigeria scores 60 on this dimension and is thus a masculine society. In masculine countries people “live in order to work”, managers are expected to be decisive and assertive, the emphasis is on equity, competition and performance and conflicts are resolved by fighting them out.
Other observations 2: My Nigerian friend has a young child who is not able to walk on his own yet. I noticed that she carries her child on her back. The child would be carried by fastening a broad cloth or fabric which is tied around the baby and fastened at her bosom. When the baby fusses, she would fasten him to her this way and walk around the house doing her regular household chores, even when she is prepping to cook. I observe that children are very important to them and the relationship between mother and child is very strong. I realize that Nigerians regard newborns with a high pride because they represent the community and the family’s future. Being invited to the home of a Nigerian, I am immediately offered food. She likes to entertain in her own household and finds it rude not to offer a guest or friend something to eat. I was asked to remove my shoes at the door before coming in. Though the main language is English, she speaks tribal languages from time to time, especially communicating with her husband and relatives. She is married and is very loyal to her husband. She always makes sure to get home on time to cook her husband and children a meal before he gets home from work. On one occasion, we were out running errands and got caught up, ending up staying longer than we expected. Her husband called and she made up a lie about her friend’s car being down. I asked her why she did so, she explained just to avoid arguing with him. It seems that certain things are an issue, such as not being home on time. Family is her all and she is very protective of her children and husband.
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