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Nigeria Why Is It Under Developed And What Can Be Done To Improve Its Situation?

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Nigeria - why is it under-developed and what can be done to improve its situation?IntroductionNigeria is a country in West Africa, next to Niger, Chad, Benin, Cameroon and the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria has a size that is about four times as big as the size of the United Kingdom, and has a population of more than 100 million people. The environment in Nigeria differs a great deal in the different parts of the country. The coastline consists of sand dunes and, around the delta of the River Niger, swamplands. It rains quite much in the coastal area and it used to be totally covered with rainforests, though now much of it has been cleared up. The inland has a higher landscape with many hills and in the east, along the boarder, there is a mountain range. Then there is the dry savanna in the north, which is obviously very different from the rainforests in the south. Even further north there is the Sahara desert that continues into Niger and Chad. The capital city is located in the middle of the country and is called Abuja.Nigeria is an under-developed country and it has three main issues that stop it from developing: poverty, overpopulation and insufficient health care.PovertyA big problem in Nigeria is poverty. The GNP per capita is about $280, which is very little compared to the $20,000 that most countries in Western Europe have. This stops Nigeria from developing; without money they cannot take fully advantage of their natural resources because the technology they need to do that is too expensive.To get rid of the poverty Nigeria has to become self-sufficient. They should import as little products as possible, but export as many as possible. That would give them a surplus. About 80 percent of the land are cultivable and the Nigerians should take advantage of that, so that the people can get all the food they need within the country, without having to import it. That is how it was before the oil-boom, before Nigeria became too reliant on the export of oil. The oil prices change all the time so it is not a good strategy to rely totally on the incomes from the oil export.It is also necessary to educate more people; maybe not in theoretical subjects but practical ones. If they are to be self-sufficient they have to use the land better and therefore people should be taught about new, more efficient ways of farming. Otherwise it will be very hard to produce food for the whole population, because the farming techniques they have now are not very advanced and a lot of people is needed to farm small areas.OverpopulationAs mentioned before, Nigeria has a population of over 100 million people. The birth rate in the country is 4,5 %, but the death rate is only 1,5%, which means that the population is growing fast. It has been estimated that the population will surpass 200 million by 2025. Many people have no access to contraception and that has led to that a lot of illegal and unsafe abortions have been carried out. Nigeria is overpopulated and as long as it...

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