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I. Bioterrorism and the Reduction of Chemical Weapons
Bioterrorism and chemical warfare are growing concerns in today’s society. Technology is rapidly advancing making this issue more important than it has ever been before. Nigeria recognizes this problem and has been taking steps against it since the early 1990’s. On January 1st, 1993 Nigeria joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The following May 20, 1999, Nigeria was accepted into the CWC. The CWC prohibits “developing, producing, acquiring, stockpiling, or retaining chemical weapons.” It also doesn’t allow transferring, encouraging, or aiding other countries in the use of chemical weapons. Nigeria has never broken these ...view middle of the document...

Nigeria feels that if another agency were to be created, it ought to have much of the same principles as the United Nations Peacekeepers. This agency should not impose on a country’s sovereignty or make use of violence. Nigeria feels that these problems can be overcome with innovative thinking rather than violence. With the above suggested ideas in action, along with other countries input, bioterrorism and chemical weapons will be reduced if not entirely eradicated.

II. Cyber Security
As our world hurtles into the cyber age, the risk of Cyber-Terrorism ever increases upon the horizon. Already countries have been devastated by the effects of Cyber Attacks. For example, Iran’s nuclear facilities were severely impaired by the infamous Stuxnet Virus. Dealing damage to numerous nuclear facilities, the Stuxnet virus is still the most potent malware we know to this day. Similarly, the Conficker virus, the largest known computer virus since Welch. , is still present in many computers globally. Unlike Stuxnet though, the world has yet to understand it’s true purpose. With malware like this, protection against such software is essential.
In 2009, Nigeria was ranked 9th as per the amount of Internet Users. As of 2012, approximately 32.9% of people in Nigeria make use of the internet on a regular basis. With outdated software that is no longer supported by popular anti-malware software, many people are subject to attack. Nigeria highly recommends the culturing of various cyber security procedures, such as education within the field of prevention and updating of anti-virus software. As stated by the World Journal of Computer Application and Technology, currently, Nigeria does not retain the ability for...

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