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Niggers Involved Essay

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The article Police and Higher Education: Where are We Now by Roy Roberg and Scott Bonn discuss and review past articles and ideas about whether or not police officers should be required to have earned a college degree in order to qualify a position in law enforcement within the United States. The first person who believed in the idea that police officers should be required to hold a college degree in order to be qualified for a position was August Vollmer. August Vollmer was “the father of American police professionalism” (Walker & Katz, 2011). Vollmer is best known for being a supporter of higher education within law enforcement. However, many officers and high ranking officials did not believe in the concept of needing to obtain a college degree in order to protect their community. A majority of police officers in law enforcement did not have a college degree nor did police departments require it to be considered a position. Moreover, many police departments did not necessitate a high school diploma but rather a general equivalency diploma. The first time that this idea was utilized was during the time of the 1960’s, when, in the early 1960’s, crime was increasing drastically and by the late 1960’s the ghetto riots took place, opening the eyes of those in charge that something needed to change, and change quickly in order to prevent criminal activity and chaos.
During the 1970’s, the main objective of law enforcement was now focused on crime prevention and policing programs. Policing programs could be found in mostly every college and school around the United States. In 1968, Congress passed the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 which entailed the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). The LEAA financed many higher education programs and incentives in order to education and instill knowledge of current and perspective police officers. Even while implementing these programs, many departments still do not require a college degree. However, officers seeking a promotion as a deputy-chief or lieutenant were required to have a bachelor degree and for a police chief, a master’s degree was needed. Roberg and Bonn also looked at the differences of officers who have a college degree to those who do not. They found that having a college degree allows police officers to better understand society and cultural and ethnic problems associated with in society. It is also believed that since community police is becoming more common, that strategies need to be used by officers to address problems in the community and resolve them in a timely manner so that the community can be satisfied with their service.
One point that is made in the article that I consider to be true is that college educated police officers are more aware of issues in society and have a more clear understanding on how to solve these issues. Many believe that higher education will “shape the values of students and make them better understand the...

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