Night Of The Scorpion And Not My Business

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Throughout the world the various races, religions, and cultures are immeasurable. Each one has its own unique tradition and belief that the many followers of that culture strongly believe in. In spite of this, there are many cases when a disciple of a creed is lead away from their beliefs due to the surrounding environmental behaviour, or bullied into not practising their customs by ignorant people who are blind to the fact that culture is different for everyone. The two poems that I have chosen to analyse are Night Of The Scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel and Niyi Osundare's Not My Business. These poems are significantly diverse, however, they both hold a certain aspect of bravery, or the lack of it, when it comes to working together to overcome a serious problem. Night Of The Scorpion is set in a small, remote village in India where material objects are scarce. The author portrays the characters to be extremely close to one another, even the neighbours that are not direct family. This adds even more to the feeling that this country is less developed than others because the inhabitants of this particular village would have to aid each other as much as possible in order to survive. During this poem, a deadly scorpion bites the Mother of the family. Instantaneously, every family member and other members of the close-knit community, work together to try and save the precious mother and pray for the scorpion. A lot of bravery and loyalty is present as the author depicts each scene of the hunting of the scorpion and the saving of the Mother. Not My Business is about a person living in a politically centred community. It is unclear where the actual community is, but judging by the language of the poem, this also seems to be in a country like Africa, yet it is clear that the characters in this poem are not as indignant as the family in the other poem. Osundare explores the aspects of political oppression that can be wrongly brought into an area by higher members of the society if they are not stood up to. Both poems are the same the way they are written in 1st person, which tells readers that the authors know what they are talking about as they witnessed it first hand. Throughout this poem, Osundare talks about his experience with people within his community who inappropriately believe it is in their right to do what they want to innocent people. Osundare witnesses a number of horrific and unfair incidents, which he cowardly ignored because it is 'Not his business'. Unfortunately, Osundare realises the foolishness of his choices at the end of the poem, when it's his turn to be kidnapped and beaten.The first poem, Night Of The Scorpion opens with 'I remember the night my mother was/stung by a scorpion'. This is effective as the reader is instantly informed of what the poem is about. The first verse, which totals 45 lines out of the 48 in the poem, explains to the reader everything about what led the scorpion to enter the house, 'ten hours/of steady rain had...

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