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The play ??night, Mother? written by Marsha Norman is not in itself written to be about suicide, but rather it tries to focus on the relationship between the mother and daughter. The fact that the daughter commits suicide at the end is only an incident that happens at the end of the play. This is a fact that some people have missed including some writers whose job it is to review films and plays. Jenny Spencer has addresses this, and has concluded that men may have trouble relating to the characters and the theme of the play. This happens to be the case with Stanley Kauffman in his review of the movie, which was made on an adaptation by Marsha Norman of the play.The play tells the story of a young woman?s decision to finally take control her own life. This young woman, Jessie is the daughter of Thelma, and these are the only two characters that are in the play. There are other characters in the story such as Jessie?s ex-husband Cecil and her brother Dawson, who are solely secondary characters that do not make an appearance in the play itself. However, they are often mentioned in the dialogue between Jessie and Thelma.The setting is also quite basic as the entire play takes place in the living room and the kitchen of the house that the mother and daughter both share. An interesting part of the play is that it is meant to take place over a ninety minute period in the story, and also in ninety minutes of real time when the play is done live for an audience.In the play, we learn that Jessie is a woman who has been left by her husband, and that she also has a teenage son who has been caught on the wrong side of the law. She has had a need to have people around her to keep her life functioning and to keep her occupied. Her brother Dawson has played an important role in her life, because he has taken care of her financially and supported her in other ways as well. She does not have any positive expectations about her future and does not like the life she has lived up to this point in her life. Even though she does have a loving relationship with her mother, she has decided to take her life and also to tell her mother ninety minutes before she is going to commit the act.Jessie?s mother, Thelma is an elderly woman who needs a lot of help around the house, and depends on Jessie and Dawson to provide it. She has done much to hurt Jessie in the past, such as hiding the truth about Jessie?s epileptic seizures, hiding certain truth?s about her father from her, and scheming to find her a husband. She is the kind of person who expects their say to be the final say on any matter, and expects everyone to go along with them and their beliefs. She is the kind of person who thinks that they never make a mistake, and someone who thinks that they have no flaws whatsoever to talk about.Jenny Spencer takes the position that males who watch the play will not be able to relate to either character in the play. She writes, ??men may more easily approach the problems...

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