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Night Of The Iguana Essay

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Tennessee Williams, an American playwright wrote many delightful plays that contain much detail and thought. The Night of the Iguana is a great example of a play that captures the symbolism of a story of an iguana that is captured and tied down close to a hotel. The iguana was captured by two employees of the hotel, Pedro and Pancho. It depicted the iguana “trying to go on past the end of its goddam rope.” This would mean that as a symbol of fate, there would be many characters in the play that are tied down to their individual struggles and are later let go and relieved of their struggles once the iguana is set free.
One struggle that may not seem so big to some is Nonno’s struggle to finish his poem. Nonno, a 97 year old grandfather and poet has been stuck in the middle of his poem for years. At one point, he needed to stay at a hotel but he didn’t have any money. This was a struggle for him because in order to pay by displaying his work, he wanted to finish his poem. This would depict the symbol of the iguana being tied down and not getting anywhere. When Shannon finally cuts the rope that tied the iguana, Nonno was able to complete his poem and was offered a job from Maxine to manage the hotel.
Another struggle found in the play is what Hannah Jelkes had to face. Hannah was the woman that was with Nonno that wanted to stay at the hotel for free who also had struggles, but which were emotional. We can see that she was another person without any money because she didn’t have any money to pay for the hotel. Even though she didn’t have any money, she didn’t really care about her financial situation because she was already proud of what she had. Like she said, “Nothing human disgusts me unless it’s unkind.” She was very chill with everything. Hannah was a woman who was devoted...

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