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Night: Rejoice Or Rebel? Essay

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Night: Rejoice or Rebel?Night can be seen in two contrasting ways. The first can be summarized as a time forcelebration and love. The second, and most commonly associated with night, is a time ofdarkness and horror. Two shining examples of the different emotions and reactions brought onby darkness are the books Night by Elie Wiesel and Romeo and Juliet by well-known author,William Shakespeare. In Romeo and Juliet night has a positive image, a welcomed time forlove, protection and exchanging of covenants, while in Night the image is portrayed in a negativeway, a time for fear, suffering, and death.Night in the great romances is a greeted time of romance and in Shakespeare's Romeo andJuliet a time to hide from the harsh reality of the outside world. Juliet greatly yearns for thecoming of night. 'And bring in cloudy night immediately. Spread thy close curtain...'(Shakespeare Act III Scene ii:4-5) Juliet is very eager for night to come as she uses the word'immediately,' which is very strong and demanding. Her true love, Romeo, is also associatedwith night. 'Come, night, come Romeo, come thou day in night.' (Shakespeare Act III Sceneii:17)Shakespeare uses night also as a time for exchanging of vows. 'Lady, by yonder, blessedmoon I vow, That tips with silver all these fruit tree tops ---'. (Shakespeare Act II Scene ii:106-107) After Romeo's vow Juliet later promises during the welcomed night to be loyal to himthroughout his life. Under the cloak of darkness she is unafraid to pledge, 'And all my fortunesat thy foot I'll lay, And follow thee my lord throughout the world.' (Shakespeare Act II Sceneii:146-147)Night has a third important role of protecting Romeo at first when he trespasses to theCapulet Mansion and later when Romeo, then banished, meets Juliet for the final time. 'I havenight's cloak to hide me from their eyes...' (Shakespeare Act II Scene ii:74)Night, although it can be a time of love and happiness, can also be the completeopposite --- fear, suffering, and death. Elie Wiesel uses stunning, vivid descriptions to show thereaders the negative side of night, the side probably most metaphorically associated with night.Night can bring on great fear, whether on a lesser scale during Halloween or on a greater scalethe horror of the Holocaust. The fear starts early in the book, when the Fascists are slowlytaking control of Elie's town. Elie's family and their fellow...

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