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" Night" : The Progression Of Eliezer Relationship With His Father

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Strong relationships are the foundation of life. Night by Elie Wiesel explores this topic by throwing a father and son relationship into a tragic event. As the book progresses, Elie Wiesel’s relationship with his father strengthens his will to survive, even though the events have driven them apart. In the book, family is shown to be important for one’s survival, then his father’s wellbeing becomes his sole reason for survival and in the end the relationship fades but still strengthens the ability to survive.
In the book, family is an important reason for survival. When Eliezer was given a chance to escape, Eliezer chooses to stay with his family instead of leaving selfishly (18). Eliezer ...view middle of the document...

Arriving at Buchwald, Eliezer grips on to his father to make sure he is able to protect him (99). In Eliezer’s mind, his father being alive is equivalent to Eliezer’s ability to survive. To further show how important Eliezer’s father is to his will to survive, Eliezer protects his father from all harm even if it means harm coming to himself. In Buna, Eliezer encounters a situation where he needs to give up his gold teeth in order to protect his father (53) He gives up his gold teeth as his father is more important than pain or valuable possessions. His father’s presence is what is able to keep Eliezer alive. When Eliezer is moving to a different camp with his father, at one point it seem as though his father dies (93). The sudden realization that his father may be dead causes Eliezer to become depressed and lose his will to live. Even though Eliezer’s father is not able to help Eliezer out, it is the fact that his father being there that keeps Eliezer going. Eliezer’s father is the reason for Eliezer’s survival, but as time progresses Eliezer and his father’s relationship disappears.
Eliezer loses his humanity as the book progresses which in turn makes him lose his relationship with his father. Even though throughout the book Eliezer’s relationship strengthens his ability to survive, losing the relationship causes his will to survive to strengthen. The realization of that his father may not be needed for him to survive causes him to question himself. As Eliezer is moving to the new camp, he looks to his father and wonders what his father would do without...

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