Night Watch With Hurricane Lenny Essay

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I am on watch in the cockpit on board the sailing vessel "Sister Moon". I am being flung around as though I am a bouncing ball. I try to make sense of my surroundings as I awkwardly search the horizon for any other unfortunate vessels being thrown from towering swell to towering swell. I feel totally alone out here in this raging pool of pitch-black darkness. Images of the ocean swallowing me and my family in a single gulp flash through my mind every second.The wind is beating against my icy skin and every bone in my body aches from the relentless cold. I want to be brave and I don't want to allow fear to override my entire body but my emotions have no remorse and I can no longer control them. I am absolutely exhausted yet wide awake at the same time. Fatigue washes over me with each swell that smashes into "Sister Moon's" hull and sprays salty spears onto my face.I stumble my way down the ...view middle of the document...

In my state of confusion I look closer and recognise the symbol, but I can't yet place it. I whisper to my father to ask him about it. He tells me that it's just a hurricane he wants to keep an eye on and that I shouldn't worry about it. My heart explodes with all the fear I have inside of me and I become totally disorientated for a few seconds.I surreptitiously plot our position on the chart and to my horror I discover that we are a mere 200 nautical miles from Hurricane Lenny. I switch the kettle off and decide not to risk anymore time below deck by having coffee. Once again, I heave my body out into the freezing night and I carefully examine every inch of the horizon. I see nothing. There is not a single beam of light out on the ocean and the sky smothered in a blanket of threatening grey clouds, blocking out any light from the moon or stars.My eyelids collapse frequently and I feel as though pebbles have been slipped under my eyelids and are tearing away at my eyeballs. I try to read my watch with the powdery red light from the instruments... I only have 20 minutes of watch left and then Wesley can come and battle against Mother Nature and her storm, Hurricane Lenny. Then I can shut myself up in a deep sleep and wait for morning.After 10 minutes I clamber down the companion way to wake Wesley for watch. My heart bleeds for him because he too, has to go on watch for 3 hours in this tumultuous weather. He reluctantly awakes and asks for a cup of coffee. I desperately switch on the kettle and I get his cup ready. I then heave myself up the companion way for the last time and check that our battered "Sister Moon" is doing alright. I victoriously stumble my way back down the companion way and hand my brother his cup of coffee he's staring so greedily at.I slither into my cabin and remove my salt sodden foul weather gear. I pray that the weather will be better tomorrow and ask Mother Nature to show a little pity. At last I crawl into my sleeping bag and I slip into a coma-like sleep. I do not dream because I don't have the energy to dream and I have just had one of the worst nights of my life.

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