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Nightmare For Rome Essay

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Hannibal Barca was one of the Roman empires biggest enemies and a nightmare to its people. After the first Punic war his father Hamilcar Barca made him swear to one day defeat the romans and avenge his loss. At the age of nine years old he went to the altar and swore with his father to be friends with Rome. He would never be friend Rome and would eventually lead his army to Rome in start of the second Punic War.
Hannibal spent 16 years of his life in Spain training in military camps. Learning different types of war tactics and learning to become a sharp minded commander so he could eventually run the Carthage military. In 221 BCE the son in law of Hamilcar Barca; Hasdrubal was ...view middle of the document...

He and his army left for the Alps in the spring of 218 BCE were they moved around 10 miles a day. During the trip they were slowed down quite a bit by unfriendly Gallic tribes in which they had small battles with. The Gallic tribes didn’t stand a chance against Hannibal’s massive army and were easily defeated. He and his Army eventually reached Rhone River where he ordered his men to collect as many boats and rafts as they could, so they could cross the river. This caused some problems because many of the elephants became skittish crossing the river and many rafts and boats were overturned; but Hannibal lucked out as most of the water was extremely shallow and the elephants were able to stand up in it.
It took them a total of four months to finally reach the Alps. During this time Hannibal was befriend by some Gaul’s who agreed to help him cross the mountain. Winter was finally on its way and it could cause some problems for Hannibal and his men. The beginning of the climb was extremely dangerous as only 2 or 3 soldiers could walk side by side on the narrow paths. Many of the rocks were extremely slippery and many men and animals lost their lives by falling to their deaths. This wasn’t the only problem they faced there were many hostile Gauls who would drop boulders down the mountain crushing many soldiers to death. The extreme cold would be a major problem for his armies. As many as a third of Hannibal’s men would perish on this mountain during this week long trip.
Hannibal eventually made it to the plains of Northern Italy. It’s said that his men looked more like animals then men. The men were extremely exhausted from the treacherous journey they had just embarked on. Even with his weak forces Hannibal was still able to beat the Romans time after time in...

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