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Nightmare Zoo: The Surabaya Zoo Of Indonesia

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Picture this- you live the first few years of your life happy with your family. You live in a nice house, your family is healthy, and you have a nice community of people around you. Then, out of nowhere, you are captured. You are scared- you do not know where you are, where you are going, or where your family is. After what seems like an eternity, you wake up in a small, dirty cage. The cage is just big enough for you to stand and walk eight paces. The cage is littered with trash and is just terrible smelling. You are alone, with nothing to do all day except for sit or sleep. You are hungry too; you have not been fed in a day or two. The only thing left to eat is the trash that bystanders throw into your cage. Obviously, this does not happen to humans in this time in America. But it is, however, happening to thousands of animals in Indonesia’s largest zoo. Animals are captured and are forced to live in the zoo’s harsh conditions, where they are overcrowded, underfed, and neglected. The Surabaya Zoo of Indonesia is a horrendous zoo with terrible conditions, and should be closed down due to the mistreatment of the zoo’s animals.
The Surabaya Zoo, as disgusting as it is, sees a lot of tourists every day. Being the oldest and one of the most diverse zoos in the world, it is no surprise the zoo sees a lot of traffic. The zoo sees a ton of people each day; around 7,000 people show up to the zoo each day and about 40,000 people visit Surabaya on big holidays. (“Zoo Takes Terrible…”). Perhaps a reason the zoo sees so many tourists could be the cheap entrance prices. The tickets to get into Surabaya zoo only cost $2. (“Indonesian Zoo Shaken…”). That is quite different from the prices paid here in Indiana to get into Indianapolis’s zoo; we pay around $12-$15 to get in our zoo which is quite interesting when looking at the animals of the Indianapolis Zoo compared to the animals of Surabaya Zoo. The Surabaya Zoo contains a large array of rare and unique animals that most zoos just do not have. The zoo has 3,500 animals, all belonging to 200 different species. These animals include: tigers, komodo dragons, orangutans, crocodiles, elephants, cheetahs, camels, and any other animal that can be thought of. Although the zoo sees a lot of tourists each day, that does not mean the it is able to support itself.
The Surabaya Zoo, as popular as it is, does not make near enough money to sustain itself or its animals. The zoo’s income is not high enough to care for the animals, much less invest in improving the zoo’s facilities. As stated before, entrance tickets only cost $2. It may not come as a surprise that that amount of money per ticket is not enough to keep a zoo of that size stable. The lack of money causes almost all of the issues that the zoo now faces, including overcrowding. Overcrowding is a huge issue of the Surabaya Zoo, due to contraceptives being too expensive for the zoo to afford and there not being enough adequate facilities to separate males and...

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