Nijmegen A.K.A. Nimwegen Is A War Zone

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Nijmegen is a really interesting war zone. Did you know that Nijmegen was also spelled Nimwegen? But the peace of treaties of 1678-79 was a hard time for Nijmegen. Because France opposed with Spain and Dutch Republicans (now the Netherlands). France gained advantages by setting up terms with each enemy separately. Negotiations had began in 1676. First treaty between France and Dutch Republicans and they were not concluded until August 10,1678. In the second treaty they concluded between France and Spain on September 17,1678. Spain was forced to make major concessions saying that the power had declined since the Peace of Westphalia in 1678. Spain gave up Franche-Comte Artois and 16 towns in Flanders to France . France returned some of the Spanish Netherlands to Spain to round out the formerly arbit navy frontier line there. The Franche-Comte finally in France gives Spain loses the “corridor”
between Milan and the Spanish Netherlands. The Holy Roman emperor Leopold they finally accepted french terms on February 5, 1679. Two other treaties between France and Brandenburg and between France and Denmark and Brandenburg and Denmark restored to France. A british officer Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery also served in WW1. In WW2 he commended the eighth Army in the battle of El Alamein during the campaign of western Desert also commanded them in Italy plus in Sicily. He was forces during Normandy Landings. The Supreme commander of the Allied forces was U.S General Eisenhower who became the 34th U.S president. After the campaigns Montgomery was given the command of 21st Army group for the rest of WW1 campaign in Northwest Europe. Eisenhower was convinced by Montgomery to use the strategy of a single forceful assault to the German district Ruhr in September 1944 . The battle plan was called The Operation Market Garden used till the 17th September 1944 to 25th September 1944. Many paratroopers were all over by up to 12 miles or 19k the day drops during this operation it finished 89%. Paratroopers of 82nd Airborne Division landing within 1k of drop zones. But only half of the airborne soldiers were airlifted in the first phase. The Allied offensive offensive was initially kinda successful and bridges between Nijmegen and Eindhoven and the Netherlands were captured. British armored XXX corps commanded by General Horrocks was behind the objectives to due to paratroopers of 101 Airborne got to capture one end of Arnhem Road Bridge and without ground force reinforcement they were overrun on 21st September. The rest of the Allied division was trapped in western pockets of the bridge. They had to be removed on 25th September. The Allies could not cross the Rhine forcefully enough and the allied thought that they were gonna end WW2. By christmas 1944 but they did not win so that means Operation Market...

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