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Nike Goddess Of Accomplishment Essay

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Nike, goddess of accomplishments and the child of Pallas, the Titan, is known for accomplishing victories and her being involved in the Titan War. Not only is she the goddess of accomplishment she is also the goddess of triumphs, speed, strength, and military. Many Greeks held victory celebrations, and held Nike in high regard. The Greeks were also very competitive. That meant that she was very popular in the fifth century (Cartwright). Even with her being so popular there are no myths about her. She is an older goddess and was born before the Olympians (Nike: In Greek Myth). Her main symbol is a wreath of victory (Cartwright) (Nike, Goddess of Victory). Victory is a very close word to her ...view middle of the document...

It's a river that connects Earth to the Underworld. During the Titan War, Styx betrays her husband Pallas (Nike-In Greek Myth) (Murray).
Nike's father is Pallas, the Titan god. He is the Titan god of war and warcraft. Her only sister, Bia, is the goddess of force. While Nike has one sister, she has two brothers. Their names are Zelos, the god of rivalry, and Kratos, the god of brawn (Nike. Goddess of Victory). But her fame is more popular in statuary then her family.
Some of the most famous attributes of Nike is the amount of statues that depict her. A statue of Athena, one of her best companions, holds Nike in her palm to show their friendship. The statue is displayed in the duplicate of the Parthenon which is in Nashville, TN. This statue is 12m high. It is made out of a hard substance called ivory. Ivory is primarily of dentin which is the same material that is in the tusk of elephants (Harrsch). “Nike of Paionios” was a statue dedicated dedicated to Zeus (Nike). The most celebrated statuary is “The Winged Victory of Samothrase” (Nike, Goddess of Victory). One of the earliest statues of Nike was made in 550 B.C. This old sculpture was made by a man named Archermos. Archermos lived in the Island of Chios (Nike). Nike is also seen on the statue of Zeus. The statue of Zeus is in the Temple of Zeus. Many of the statues of Nike were made as dedications for people who were or are heroes. One of the statues of Nike was dedicated to General Kallimachos. He was killed in the battle of Marathon, which went through 480-490 B.C. (Before Christ). With all these statues you would think she had human interactions.
Almost all of the gods and goddesses had powers and that includes Nike. She is a very fast runner and flyer. Charioteering is another of her skills. The main reason she was in the Titan War was she handed out victories to heroes and gods. Certain human interactions were seen in the Titan War. She is usually thought of being in the wars, and being seen in the battles that were won to victories. Some people don’t know this, but Nike can be seen and heard today (Nike, Goddess of Victory).
Certain products are seen and and known that involve Nike's name and picture. During the ages of B.C. ( Before Christ), she was depicted on Silver Decadranm of Syracuse (Cartwright). In the “Naval Mob”, a war during B.C. (Before Christ) had an armor called “Nike” (Cartledge). But one of the most famous brands of Nike is “Nike”. It's a shoe brand that have passed to shirts and shorts. Now many people wear their products everyday. The FIFA World Cup is a soccer trophy for the winning world...

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