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Nike, Inc. In Perspective Essay

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Nike’s strengths are the drive to innovate new products that would fulfill the needs of every athlete for all ages, genders, and activities. With Phil Knight’s (Chairman of the board of directors and co-founder) dream to produce a shoe in japan that comes with a high value brand product manufactured at a low price and Bill Bowerman’s drive to find a product to give his athletes a competitive advantage, drove their success until Nike became the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. (Nike, Inc. 2014). Although this market is highly competitive there is a still an advantage due to Technological and popularity factors that give Nike an upper hand. The technological advance created by the highly diverse demands around the world has pushed the company to continue until its product cannot assist on pushing the human body any farther.
While Adidas was focusing on moving into the European market, Nike was set on expanding into Asia that accounts for over 4.2 billion people. Being that the products are known for quality assurance and popularity it has allowed the company to be the official brand of many professional athletic leagues and teams around the world. The company has grown and now employees over 40,000+ people and is ranking 126 according to Fortune 500 with over $24.1 billion in revenue.
A major weakness Nike has is that it is still heavily reliant upon its share in the footwear market. It does well in selling its apparel and accessories as well, but it leaves the company vulnerable if there ever was to be a hit in the market share holds. The only other Weakness Nike possesses is the recent publicity for doing its production overseas in sweatshops. With pressure from Anti-Globalization groups, Nike took a big hit with its reputation and is now looking to gain that part of...

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