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Nike Inc.: Why It Is Such A Leader

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Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight started Nike Inc. in 1971, formally known as Blue Ribbon Sports. Bill Bowerman was a former track and field coach at the University of Oregon, and Phil Knight was a student-athlete at the University of Oregon. After numerous years of supplying under Blue Ribbon Sports, the two decided to enter the athletic shoe manufacturing business. The first employee of the company was Jeff Johnson, who helped them with branding what is known today as NIKE Inc.
NIKE Inc. main headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon. Mark Parker leads the executive team of NIKE Inc. NIKE website says that, “Parker joined NIKE as one of our first footwear designers back in 1979, and he’s been at the center of NIKE innovation ever since,” (About NIKE, Inc.). Today Parker is the President and CEO of the company. Philip H Knight the co-founder works as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Charlie Denson is the NIKE brand president.
NIKE Inc. is a publicly traded company. They sell athletic equipment under the NIKE brand and associated brands. At the end of fiscal 2013, NIKE Inc. earned a $25.33 billion in revenue ( NIKE creates products for sports and training exercises such as; athletic training, basketball, football, soccer, running, and tennis are some of the products created for men, women and children.
NIKE’s mission statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. (* “If you have a body, you are an athlete)” ( NIKE, Inc. “Is the world’s leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories” ( Their mission includes aiming to "lead in corporate citizenship through proactive programs that reflect caring for the world family of Nike, our teammates, our consumers, and those who provide services to Nike” ( NIKE vision statement is to “Continue to bring inspiration to present and future athletes, while maintaining the
company's standard of quality for its products” (
Situation Analysis
Nike, Inc. pioneered the design, development, marketing and retail of a wide range of athletic footwear, equipment, apparels and accessory products. It operates in more than 170 countries through its retail stores, online presence, independent distributors and licensees. The company capitalizes on its brand equity to drive its sales growth. However, high inventory and declined liquidity are a few causes for concern to the company. Emerging economies, especially Asian could open new growth avenues for the company driven by their accelerating economic activity. Growing counterfeit products market, intense competition and rising manpower cost could challenge the company’s profitable growth. (Global Data, 2012)
NIKE Inc. has been the worldwide leader of athletic shoe sales for many years now. The company’s successful brand image combined competition and enablement for the competitive, athletic user. Nike has to modify their...

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