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Nike Advertising CampaignExecutive SummaryThe "Unleash Your Potential" advert from NIKE CorporationThis paper is going to examine advertisement campaign concepts or themes. The paper is going to use an example of "Unleash Your Potential" advert that is meant to advertise NIKE new running shoes that it has manufactured. The paper is going to examine the reasons behind the idea, and how the research was done to arrive at the concept. It will further examine the possible target market of the product, the current competition from other industry players, and the target audience of the advert. Another aspect that will be analyzed is the chosen outlets to meet the target. In addition the paper will examine the image the company wants to portray through its products, the media choice of advertising and finally, make a conclusion that advertisement is vital in this competitive market.IntroductionAdvertisement is a powerful educational means which is has ability of reaching and inspiring large audiences. Advertisement can not be limited to commercial purposes alone; it is such powerful that it has to be also used for public interest. Advertisement is an old marketing tool, that provide means of communicate the need to buy services and goods. In style advertisements represents the way the society develops, and it is dynamic as it is ever going through changes. It offers new products and services on the market using new techniques and communication media. The advertising business is big and always growing. According to TNS media intelligence, in America alone, advertisement expenses reached $ 144.32 billion in 2005. in another report by Price Water House Coopers titled "global entertainment and media outlook: 2006-2010" global spending on advertising was estimated to be $385 billion, and the firm projected that, the spending on advertisement will by 2010 go beyond a half a trillion dollars (Wernick 1991). Though, advertisement is important for economic growth, it has some social costs.Creating the campaign advertBefore the coming up with this Nike running shoes campaign advert, I had to carry out thorough research, which was based on; creating the theme, defining the copy platform, testing the campaign advert, the effects of the advert and also the target audience. Research in advertisement is meant to prevent wasting company resources on adverts which will not be effective. The research has to be done before, during and after the advert is running. The research provides an indicator of the effectiveness of the advert. Currently there are many ways of carrying out advertisement research. The first thing to do is copy testing which will determine the best advertising idea, the theme, the main selling point of the advert, then after this the commercial can be produced and aired in televisions, radio or put on the newspapers.Creating the conceptIn creating the concept of the advert "unleash your potential", I took a critical examination on the...

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