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Nike's Advertising Strategy For The 2010 Fifa World Cup In South Africa

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It’s was no surprise that the momentum took place and heated up for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. This particular tournament is the world’s largest and most-watched sporting event with 30 billion viewers over the course of the event. From a business standpoint, it’s the most important platform for sporting goods companies to market their brands. Brands are appealing to boost their profile and sales by tapping into the passion surrounding the World Cup, but while some are official sponsors, others are just benefiting from any desirable side effect.
Football was a game played between two teams of 11 players each, 10 field players and a goalkeeper per team. The game lasted 90 minutes, consisting of two 45-minute halves of running time. It was played with a round ball, on a rectangular grass field with a goal on either end. Excluding the goalkeeper, the ball was controlled only with the feet, legs, torso and head (the use of hands or arms was prohibited) and the team scoring the most goals by the end of the game was the winner.
Football was the most popular sport in the world, by both viewership and participation, and was continuing to grow. In 2006, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international governing body for football, estimated that 265 million people worldwide played football, up from 242 million in 2000. Professional leagues existed throughout the world though the top talent and most popular clubs were in Western Europe, concentrated in England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Since the early 1990’s professional team rosters in Western Europe had become increasingly globalized, with stars from South America, Africa and Asia playing in the top leagues.
The World Cup, FIFA’s flagship event, was a tournament between 32 qualifying nations held once every four years. The first World Cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay. In 2006 the World Cup was held in Germany and drew a cumulative TV viewership of 26.29 billion over the course of the event. It was estimated that nearly half the planet, approximately 3 billion people, watched the 2006 World
Cup final.
The World Cup was the culminating event for national teams, players, fans and promoters and it was the most watched sporting event in the world.
A tournament held every 4 years between 32 qualifying nations around the world and while Adidas has always been the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup and leader in the football market. How can Nike increase their market share in football and obtain a dominant market share, greater than Adidas? How can Nike separate themselves from their competitors?
In October of 2008, Members of the marketing and football senior leadership teams were gathered to calibrate and refine the company’s strategy leading to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Nike Football’s World Cup 2010 marketing strategy started with delivering top of the line performance product offerings in the form of new cleats, also known as boots and uniforms...

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