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Nike The Biggest Training Shoe Company

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Nike- The Biggest Training Shoe CompanySports has become a widespread interest after World War One as a pursuit of physical health development and new found past time interest. Various trainers shoes were invented back in the 1870s by several companies and the launched of rubber shoes became a new revenue stream for basic product in United States.There was a sudden demand of sports shoes after World War Two where basketball as a sport became an increasing interest among the Americans. Their popularity passed out of the sporting arena; for the first time they were perceived as a youth fashion item, worn by film stars such as James Dean and featured in popular movies like the West Side Story. While the boom in sales of gym shoes or sneakers was strongest in USA, as with so many other products, the fashion there incited demand in other markets around the world. The birth of the jogging craze at the end of the sixties had lead training shoes to emerge in the global market structure. Nike-The Greek God of Victory, launched its first pair of shoes in 1970s as a running shoe, has acquired the coolest image, epitomized by its ubiquitous 'swoosh' logo and it's memorable 'Just Do It' catchline. Now it is one of the best-known advertising slogans in the world.Successful sports stars like Micheal Jordon and Tiger Woods wearing only Nike products has boost Nike image into a personal achievement and powerful endorsement sports wear. It has not only encourage 'ordinary' people among the young and sportsman to imitate their heroes by buying the same products, it also became a fashionable foot wear in the 1990s. Although Nike has always stress on selling sports not fashion, their innovative technology in designing shoes and research of comfort on cushioning their shoes has also raise their marketing level. Nike define themselves winning is everything. They market the lead athletes to put on their feet with their own brandings, selling dreams to ordinary sportsman that they can do as good as them.Lets take a look at their strategy in ensuring Nike's business success. Their manufacturing production trend was set up in a lower cost country such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and China in Southeast Asia. The labour costs were cheaper than that in USA. They do not need to maintain the minimum levels of stock as they have a flexible network of overseas manufacturer, suppliers and distributors in order to produce their shoes 'just in time'. They are also able to profit from beneficial trade and tariff agreements, wherever they exist. Nike ID- their first step into online e-commerce has lead the industry in innovation. Nike ID reinvented fashion orientation. Consumers are able to customize their own shoes on the website, purchasing it online. However, they do have quality control to disable certain designs or colour to fit inappropriately onto the network. This is because they have to control their identity as a well-image design trainer shoe. It also allows market...

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