Nikes’ Use Of Sweatshops Across The Globe

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Internationally recognized companies such as Nike make use of sweatshops and aid in the exploitation of labor workers in many parts of the world. A sweatshop is an industrialized provision that is known to have poor working conditions, infringement of labor law, and long hours coupled with low wages. In today’s world, sweatshops are prevalent all across the globe; however they raise the most concern in developing nations. Nike is one of the world’s most renowned sportswear companies, but has been involved in several controversies in relation to the possibility of them making profit out of sweatshop labor. In the late 1900’s most Nike products were manufactured in countries like South Korea and Taiwan, however, this changed when the labor force there obtained the freedoms and authority to increase wages. After this alteration, Nike approached countries like Indonesia, china, and Vietnam to set up their sweatshops because human rights and labor laws were not enforced or regulated as much. In fact, the government of China and Vietnam strictly forbade any sort of unions in their labor work forces. Sweatshops included men, women and even children whom were all subjects to violence, harassment and abuse. In a statistic gathered by Do Something it stated that, “In developing countries, an estimated 250 million children ages 5-14 are forced to work.”(11 facts…) Nike has not only increased the use of sweatshops, but the conditions have also deteriorated for workers. This was evident as in “A background on Sweatshops” prepared by Do Something, it was found that: “In 1965 the average CEO made 44 times the average factory worker. Today, the average CEO makes 212 times the salary of the average worker.”(A Background…)
Sweatshops are a consequence of the need to build economy and only exist because companies like Nike, are being selfish and are attempting to increase their profits by cutting down on costs of running their venture’s in any way possible. The easiest method of decreasing costs is to create low manufacturing costs which ultimately results in the use of sweatshops. Corporations claim to use sweatshops in order to keep up with competition but the reality of things is that these corporations are not facing any financial difficulties but are just making less profit than they anticipate or hope for. As a company, Nike is extremely profitable; it is the biggest shoe company and has become the fourth biggest industry leader. Nike can easily afford to increase wages of people that do labor work for the company without even the slightest loss but unfortunately chooses not to. According to the...

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