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Nikita Krushchev And Why Russia Is Not Evil. Needs Cites Taken Out

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Who was the "bad guy" of the Cold War? Russia probably is the first thing that pops in your head. That is because you are an American, but it is easy to see that the United States could be just as evil as Russia or maybe even worse. The Soviets thought we wanted to go to war because we elected a general (Eisenhower) to be our President.The Soviets feared nuclear war highly but felt it was inevitable. The Soviets tried to put up a front, that they have been through all the German ings so the Soviets could handle whatever the United States had. Sadly for the Soviets, that could only comfort the ignorant (Khrushchev 35).The first time that Eisenhower and Khrushchev met was at the Four-Power ...view middle of the document...

Garth most certainly saved many Russians from starvation which always makes you look real good as a representative of the United States.This shows that Khrushchev was neither afraid of Americans nor did he believe that they were all evil. He just wanted the best for his country and if was to come from an American so be it. He selflessly swallowed his pride and did what was best for Russia. Next thing he decided to do in improving his country was by mass-producing houses.Khrushchev prohibited the construction of any expensive luxuries and administrative buildings. All that money was put into inexpensive housing because people lived with several generations. The houses were produced like cars in that they were built in factories.Next Khrushchev started to work on the Navy. He wanted to build a fleet that could compete with the United States' Navy. He later decided not to when he realized that he could not defeat the United States' Navy. Instead he built submarines, anti-submarines and shore-defense forces. The Russian Naval officers would never forgive him but he had to do what he thought would protect his people. In 1956 the United States had 10.6 times as many nuclear warheads as the Soviet Union did (CNN Cold War).In order to try and scare the west from a possible attack Khrushchev did a little bluffing. He tried to intimidate people when he went to England. Khrushchev asked the Prime Minister if he knew how many warheads it would take to wipe his island off the face of the planet. After that, Khrushchev told the Prime Minister how many it took and that Russia had more than enough to do it several times (CNN Cold War). That may seem a little intimidating and evil but what else was Khrushchev supposed to do when there was no real way he could compete with America in the arms race. He had to rely on America's ignorance to make them seem to be on an equal level.Khrushchev said that Russia was producing nuclear warheads like sausages. Even though Khrushchev knew he was nowhere close to that. He even told people that Russia was putting a nuclear warhead in space so they could explode it wherever they wanted. This struck fear in the hearts of many people around the world. Khrushchev knew that he would never do that but it still scared people. He even convinced many Americans that Russia was leading the arms race (Marshall 76). He did this because he thought if he was seen as considerable weaker than the United States than it would be all over for the Russians.In 1959 the confidence between Eisenhower and Khrushchev had grown much more since 1955. They have learned how to talk with each other. Eisenhower had set a foundation for future negotiations with Khrushchev and set a foundation for the rest of the Presidents that had to negotiate with the Soviet leaders, such as Leonid Brezhnev and Mikhail Gorbachev. Since 1959 the Leaders of each country no longer spoke of how war was unavoidable and imminent (Krushchev 39). Instead they were trying to learn...

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