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Nikola Tesla And His Inventions Essay

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The Earth is not a piece of quartz - it’s like a stone with many imperfections and scratches, and though it retains its scratches, it attempts to heal them; it bandages its wounds. To heal a wound, though, it must be first isolated: and in the case of the world, it is literal flaw that resides with the mask of a wound - combated, though not incapacitated, by the innovators of the Earth. A telephone, refrigerator, microwave, civil rights and gender equality - not only technology, but even a concept as imperative as liberation or equality have altered the globe (as humans see it), for the better: technology has made life easier for humans, ideal rights and equality have been gifted to those that require it, and efforts have been exclaimed in order to protect the natural amenities that are taken for granted. The reason adhered to by the innovators, dedicated to creating the aforesaid circumstances, is rather simple: they endeavor as they do because of the profit that befits not only themselves, but the world in doing so. When Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci developed the telephone, they distributed communication among the masses (a profit), and thereby changed the globe for the better; that same reason is reflected throughout the ages: Percy Spencer, inventor of the microwave, gained favorable avail via his invention for not only himself, but the Earth as well. Thus, the innovators of the world retain that reason: they change things for the better because of the positive benefit that would befit doing so - the positive benefit for not only themselves, but the world. Nikola Tesla, one of those innovators, arguably fathomed that reason more than anyone. “Born on July 9, 1856, in Smijan, Croatia, Tesla was the child of a clergyman (Milutin Tesla), and an ill-educated, though clever, mother (Georgina Đuka Tesla). Nikola credited his eidetic memory to his mother; she was able to memorize Serbian epic poems, for instance, and her aptitude was passed down to him,” (World of Invention, Gale, p.1). Tesla was an avid advocate for mathematics and the sciences: not only did he propose many concepts that prompted his consideration as a “man out of time,” but an early sign of his genius was “his ability to perform integral calculus in his head,” ( His aptitude and advocacy was only further encouraged by his various inventions. In 1875, Tesla enrolled at the Austrian Polytechnic school in Graz, Austria, “on a military border scholarship. In his second year, Tesla came into conflict with a professor over the Gramme dynamo, suggesting that one of the components, commutators, weren’t necessary,” (, and it was then that a light bulb materialized above Tesla’s head. A journey of his started that day - a journey that led Tesla to change the world. He became an inventor and, adhering to the purpose of the inventor and innovator, dedicated himself to eliminating the issues of human inability, as well as war. Tesla’s reasons,...

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