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Nimitz Essay

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Admiral Chester W. Nimitz: Architect of U.S. Victory in The Pacific "Tell Nimitz to get the hell out to Pearl and stay there till the war is won." With this December 17, 1941 order to Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, President Roosevelt made one of his finest decisions relative to American military strategy in World War Two. Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz would command "thousands of ships and aircraft and millions of men, amounting to more military power than had bee wielded by all the commanders of all the previous wars." Nimitz would plan and direct US military strategy designed to break down Japanese strength and ultimately destroy the Japanese ability to defend her outposts. Although the atomic bomb would force Japan's surrender in September of 1945, it was Nimitz' strategy that allowed the US to control Tinian from which the bombing aircraft would depart. Indeed, by the time the atomic bombs were used, Nimitz' forces were ready to invade Japan. When Nimitz took command the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Wake Island was under Japanese control. By September 1945, Japan was open to invasion with her Pacific Islands under Allied control. Admiral Chester Nimitz, with Admiral King and, to a lesser extent General Douglas MacArthur, led the American counter-invasion.Nimitz believed in unity of service"”from requiring that reservists wear identical uniforms as regular navy to melding such diverse personalities as those of Admiral Halsey and Admiral Spruance into working partners. This desire for unity would allow Nimitz to deal with the difficult General MacArthur, the officious Admiral Blocker and the harsh Admiral King"”his immediate superior. This belief served him well, starting with his insistence that Captain Randall Jacobs assume his duties as...

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1245 words - 5 pages vulnerable. Chester Nimitz and Douglas MacArthur gave the attack on Port Moresby high priority. The Americans figured out the Japanese naval code and obtained their detailed knowledge of their plans. They figured that the attack on Port Moresby was going to take place on May 3 and the Japanese forces would have to make a move through the Coral Sea to carry out this task. Chester Nimitz knew that the battle would involve aircraft and air supremacy


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1719 words - 7 pages flagship. This was to mean that he lost control of the battle, and his giving such an order when his force was already engaged in redeployment caused immense confusion within the Japanese formation. Finally the Battle off Cape Engano occurs and the Northern Force is destroyed. All of this can be viewed in Appendix A. United States Movement and Maneuver The United States Fleets had originally set up a great defense for the landings. What Nimitz

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1498 words - 6 pages . Japanese had two aircraft carriers, Shokaku and the Zuikaku. These were to sail from Truk Island and were to intercept any ship sent by the American to attack the Japanese. The Japanese wanted to attack Port Moresby, that was their goal as well as to move through the Jomard Passage. The attack on Port Moresby was a very serious attack for the Americans. They believed that any attack would only leave Australia vulnerable. Chester Nimitz and Douglas

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1628 words - 7 pages confirmed Admiral Chester W. Nimitz asked for every American carrier possible. He already had the enterprise and the hornet, two American carriers. He later on got the U.S.S. Yorktown from Admiral Fletcher. The Yorktown had previously damaged from the battle of the Coral Sea. After 72 hours of over night work and repairs on Pearl Harbor the ship was ready for battle. Ounce ready the ship was sent to defend the island of Midway. The Japanese on the

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2240 words - 9 pages find out, in detail, when the attack would begin, where it would be, and how they would go about it (“Battle of Midway 4-7 June 1942”). After absorbing the information, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz of the U.S. Navy, decided to take an offensive approach to the impending battle. His plan required three naval task forces to be set up. Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey was the commander of Task Force 8, or of the Enterprise aircraft carrier, Admiral

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1339 words - 6 pages Forces were commanded by Admiral Nimitz who broke the command up into 4 functional sections. The chain of command was also well defined for all phases of the operation from the amphibious phase to the time when General Buckner would be the governmental leader over the island. Intelligence was gained through a variety of sources in order to get the best operating picture possible and over several months gained as much information about the island

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