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SEGA’s Strategy SEGA’s strategy is to become a world leader in video entertainment. Their strategic intent is to build an entertainment empire. To achieve this, SEGA has adopted a technology oriented strategic plan that focuses on acquiring and maintaining competitive advantages in fields such as multimedia, computer graphics, virtual reality, and high tech amusement theme parks. The research and development spending has been boosted to capture the market before the competitors. SEGA’s strategy is characterized as “first at all cost” since the burn they took from Nintendo on the release of the 8-bit system. SEGA has competed in both the in-home and out of home video entertainment. The United States theme park industry is now a $6 billion industry. SEGA’s future strategy includes entrance into this market with their SEGA theme parks. These parks will provide games with high-tech graphics and virtual reality simulations. Plans include 50 parks in the United States, and another 50 in Japan. SEGA has been involved with arcade games, and used that technology to implement games for the home systems. SEGA’s marketing plan includes the SEGA Club, a push in Japan’s market, and a review of their European markets. The SEGA Club is a marketing channel for SEGA to capture teens and pre-teens. SEGA’s objective is to bring good, clean video game entertainment and educational products to the market for teens and pre-teens. SEGA also plans to put more emphasis on Japan, since the margins for sales in Japan are much higher. This includes new products, increased advertising, and marketing that is more extensive. SEGA is also planning marketing research in Europe in order to respond better to the consumer preference and competitive conditions. Their goal is to improve sales and gross margins in the European market. SEGA’s new product development includes the SEGA CDX, which is a 32-bit platform that uses CD’s or cartridges. In 1994, SEGA test marketed the SEGA Channel in the United States. Genesis owners could play games, obtain game play tips, news, contest, and promotions. Another development is the PICO system. This is a book like toy for children that convert pictures from books onto the television. This was SEGA’s first attempt to penetrate the educational market for children. SEGA also offers video game equipment that attaches to exercise equipment. Analysts believe this could eventually be a $2 billion market. SEGA has also employed a pricing strategy that has caught on throughout the industry. This strategy is for systems to have components. The fully loaded Genesis system had three components, the game player, the SEGA CD, and the Genesis 32-X. This got consumers to buy the system in installments. Nintendo Corporate Strategy Vision/Mission The old strategy of slow and steady wins the race has grown obsolete, shown by the recent loss of market share to SEGA. It has become quite clear that in order to be effective in the interactive...

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2464 words - 10 pages Nintendo Co., Ltd. Is a Japanese, multinational, consumer Electronics Company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan and founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in September 23, 1889. Nintendo originally manufactured handmade hanafuda cards. After several tried and failed businesses, Nintendo settled with video games in 1963(Wikipedia, n.d). Today, Nintendo is the world leader in the growth, development and the continued improvement of the home leisure electronics

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899 words - 4 pages everywhere.A few days ago, I walked into one of these stores. My friend wanted to purchase the new nintendo machine. According to the reviews, the system was supposed to be able to have amazing polygon graphics. Video games coming out these days are considered good if they consist of many polygonal graphics moving at a smooth and fast speed. From what he said, I thought that no other video game system could compare with it. When I entered the store

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1173 words - 5 pages Nintendo has been around for a long time. 125 years, to be exact. This report will explain how Nintendo got so deeply rooted in our culture by examining the moves they made with their consoles, including both successes and failures. Fusajiro Yamauchi was a skilled craftsman, he made karuta, playing cards. He would often make hanafuda cards, flower cards that people often used in various games. (Interesting tidbit, Nintendo offers hanafuda cards