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Nintendo company,One of the most recognized names in the history of games. Even that was 120 years before and recent decades years, Nintendo begin company to making the playing card game,but creating video game.In the 60's,Nintendo was going to produce video games, but after 1985 when Nintendo started to sell Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the famous game Super Mario Brothers. Nintendo began to as being the only dominatition in video games,and remained through many years,before Sony had take over the dominatition position by launched the Sony PlayStation . and then Nintendo was being regarded as a recession proposition in the videogame business. As far as we can see,the turning point in 2005, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo DS with a big success.In 2006 Nintendo introduced the Wii and then launched it being the best-selling latest generation console system in the world.

Nowdays, Nintendo in the position as being the "worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment" with Microsoft and Sony in world's top3 videogame business. To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games and created so many game console including Game Boy - The best selling video game systemgame systems worldwide.

1. What is Nintendo's strategy? Which of the five generic strategies discussed in Chapter 5 is Nintendo using?

What are some of the recent offensive and/or defensive strategies that Nintendo has employed? Have these tactics been successful?

Nintendo's strategy is based on the customer premise, when other business-to-video game market has yet to be waited and see attitude, and Nintendo in the market demand for in-depth study, the firm entered the field. Nintendo was on the market only a profound understanding of the needs of customers' game manufacturers.

Because it can from the "customer needs is the fun of the game" This perspective of looking at problems, Nintendo game software was first recognized that the decisive position. This policy eventually develop into a Nintendo game software developers and strategic alliances to achieve this status, Nintendo has played a key role. After have a "Nintendo Power" books and "counselors systems" scheme, which are a combination of the two major consumers and Nintendo's sticky and agents, but also Nintendo's main method to grasp the pulse of customers. In fact, the Nintendo Company's product development plans and marketing strategies is almost entirely dependent from the customer information.

We come up the idea that :The broad differentiation strategy is the newly products of Nintendo's had generic used ,particularly for Wii ,the broad differentiation strategy that allowed Nintendo to compete with two giant Sony and Microsoft.Nintendo had focus on innovative control system,that leads to rising the fun level of games,instead of to attempting to catch up with the...

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