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Nintendo Past And Future Essay

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When talking about videogames there is always one company that has been there since the beginning. This company was one of the first to break into houses with its home entertainment systems. The history of this grand company spans back longer than most realize and they have always been an entertainment company with success, but it wasn’t until the creation of a monkey kidnaping a princess that the company really took off. Nintendo is, beloved, admired and respected amongst all gamers.
The URL for Nintendo’s home website is On this site you will find all the information about the products and services that Nintendo offers. The current gamming machines that Nintendo offers are the largely popular Nintendo Wii and the Wii U. the handheld devices currently being supported by Nintendo are the Nintendo 3Ds, the 3Ds XL, and the 2Ds. The best feature of all of these products are the backwards compatibility of them, the Wii U can play all Wii games, and the 3ds can play the older Ds games. There is an online store that users can access to download older games and Nintendo titles, like super Mario world 3, this service is available on all the Nintendo consoles and handhelds. Nintendo has two main competitors in the gaming market, and they are Sony and Microsoft. Sony competes with Nintendo on both the console market and the handheld market with the Ps4 and the PsVita. Microsoft competes with Nintendo on only the consoles with its Xbox one competing with the Wii U.
The global headquarters of Nintendo is located in minami-ku Kyoto, Japan. The American division headquarters is located in Redmond, Virginia. Nintendo’s history of CEO’s always has them running the company and being a very instrumental voice in their operations. At this current time the CEO and President of Nintendo is Satoru Iwata. With Iwata as the company leader he has seen the stock of Nintendo (NTDOY) experience highs and lows. According to google finance, the five year high was March 26 2010, price was 42.28. During this time Nintendo released the Wii, and Ds gaming systems along with great games like Pokémon and sonic to help drive up the stock. The five year low was February 15, 2013, price was 11.39. Through this low period Nintendo saw the stock fall as the Wii U and the 3Ds were not selling nearly as well as their predecessors. The current stock for Nintendo, as of the writing of this paper, sits at 14.97 it is on the rise from an increased support of first party titles for the Wii U and 3Ds systems.
The history of Nintendo is one that surprises many people, for most don’t know that Nintendo started in 1889, now I know that there were no videogames that early. The way Nintendo got its name big in Japan was through cards, and according to Tegan Jones, they started as “Nintendo Koppai” founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Nintendo Koppai handmade Hanafuda cards, which share many similar characteristics to our playing cards was Nintendo’s first foray into the world....

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