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Nirvana, A Brief Summary Of Their Story

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame pays tribute to artists that have made a difference in the music industry. These bands include Nirvana, who is apart of grunge. Grunge has to do with electric guitars, contrasting song dynamics and lyrics filled with agony. Nirvana is an important group that will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because they started a new era of grunge.
Nirvana includes Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 20, 1967. Kurt’s family started out in a rental home in nearby Hoquiam, Washington, then moved to Aberdeen when Kurt was 6 years old (Azerrad 13). After his parents divorced when he was 9, Kurt became ...view middle of the document...

Nirvana also received a nomination for induction in the United Kingdom Music Hall of Fame in 2004 as the “Greatest Artist of the 1990s”. Furthermore, Nirvana is one of the best selling bands having sold over 75,000,000 records (Azzerad 270). While having much success. Nirvana also faced many obstacles.
Nirvana went through lots of hardship. Some of the hardship was Kurt’s drug abuse. Kurt started his drug abuse by smoking marijuana at thirteen through adulthood, then had a time of consuming LSD and alcohol (Azerrad 208). His first experience with heroin was sometime in 1986 (Azerrad 210). By the end of 1990,Kurt’s heroin use developed into a full-blown addiction. Kurt claimed that he was “determined to get a habit” because heroin helped with his chronic bronchitis and intense stomach pains due to his undiagnosed stomach condition (Azzerad 269). Another hardship the band suffered was that Kurt was with Courtney (his wife) so much that the band briefly broke up because of the nasty things Kurt said to Dave and Krist because of their criticism of Courtney. After talking to the bands’ manager, Alex McLeod (Azerrad 198). Although Nirvana went through endless hardship, there are also countless things that people don't know about Nirvana.
When Nirvana came into the...

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