Nissan Vss From Instrument Cluster Investigation Essay

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Nissan VSS-from-instrument cluster investigation

Executive Summary:
On the Nissan Frontier/Titan applications, VSS is obtainable from a single wire in the instrument cluster and the Controller Area Network (CAN). The instrument cluster VSS wire is not always pre-installed because, in this case, it is not part of a safety critical system; it only used for accessories.

Inside the instrument cluster, the VSS generating circuit is configured to be a “open collector/drain”. This means the circuit switches between the GND and Open Circuit (Hi-Z) states. This circuit configuration is not able to be reliably detected in all cases by the current 57A-02360 without modification; an additional resistor (pull-up resistor) is needed to complete the circuit. When the VSS wire is pre-installed and is connected to other Nissan accessories, the Nissan accessories provide this pull-up resistor and 57A-02360 installation is reliable.

Engineering recommendation: revisit all accessible installations and replace modules with module with 100KOhm pull-up resistor built in. Modify all in-house stock to include pull-up resistor, and replace all distributer stock with modified units.
57A-02360 fault report
Nissan VSS-from-instrument cluster investigation
Several 250-1856 kits have been returned to Rostra with various failure modes being listed as the reason for the return. The reported malfunctions ranged from: “Cruise doesn’t work right” to Mr. Garret’s issue of unintended and erratic acceleration. On Thursday, February 25, 2010 an investigation was launched when the unintended acceleration malfunction was reported to Rostra Engineering.

First, S.McDougald (Technician - Rostra) and T.Callahan(Technician - Rostra) were queried about return history and previous actions taken. Prior to Mr. Garret’s event, returns were processed and units were replaced as if units were defective. For installer call-in support, the primary solution was to check the installation, followed by module replacement. In one case, an alternate installation was required where the installer attached a magnet package to the drive shaft of the vehicle to provide VSS and then used the 4024 E-Cruise I PCB. Rostra’s technicians report that module replacement was usually effective and magnet packs were used in persistent trouble cases.

Next, two recently returned units were inspected by A.Morrison (Laboratory – Rostra) and E.Atkinson (Quality – Rostra); both units malfunctioned during in-vehicle testing. One unit would not function at all, and the other would have erratic unintended accelerations. Subsequently, an audit was performed by Rostra’s technicians and engineering on 10 units in stock; there was a 50% malfunction rate; units exhibited a range of malfunctions, listed in the “OBSERVED MALFUNCTIONS” section below.

P.Voorhees (Engineering - Rostra) & S.McDougald took measurements of necessary signals (Brake, VSS,...

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