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I. Introduction
The problem given is to select the material for and design the next generation of coronary stents, which are used in the treatment of coronary heart disease. The final material must be commercially available, have published properties, be a solid cylinder, have a diameter of 8mm, a length of 15 mm, be biocompatible, and meet several engineering constraints.
To solve the given problem, the researcher first looked at various journals and scholarly publications to see what types of materials are generally used in coronary stents. From this group of materials, the final selection was narrowed down further by looking at specific material properties using the online Material Property Database online at From this data, the final three candidates were selected. Analyzing each material and looking at the cost and availability of these materials allowed the researcher to select one final material that met the given constraints. After all research was completed Nitinol, or Nickel Titanium, was selected as the best material for the next generation of coronary stents.
II. Analysis
Material Density Elastic Modulus Yield Strength Yield Strength % Commercial Availability Biocompatibility
316LVM Sandvik Bioline 8.00 g/cc 200 GPa 800 MPa 12% Alloy Wire International Yes Extremely Well
Nb-1Zr 8.59 g/cc 68.9 GPa 241 MPa not published Vegas Fastner
High-N Bar Steel 8.00 g/cc 200 GPa 1100 MPa 15% Sandvik Materials Technology
Nitinol 6.45 g/cc 28 GPa 850 MPa 15.50% Metalmen Sales Yes Extremely Well
Tantalum 16.65 g/cc 186 GPa 450 MPa not published MarkeTech International
X2CrNiMnMoN22136 Stainless Steel 7.76 g/cc 209 GPa 1050 MPa 35% Metal Suppliers Online Yes
Gold 19.32 g/cc 77.2 GPa 120 MPa 30% Metalmen Sales
Titanium 4.50 g/cc 116 GPa 140 MPa 54% Titanium Manufactures
Chart of all materials considered.
In the above chart, the bold materials are the final three materials that will be considered for selection as the coronary stent material. Based on materials currently used in stents as well as based upon the characteristics in the above table, the finalist were chosen; a more in-depth look at the selection process can be found in the selection section of the report.
Below is a brief overview of the calculations used for the thickness of the stent and the amount of material to be used in the stent.

316 LVM Steel –
Alloy Stainless Steel-
Minimum Amount of Material Used Before Failure:

316 LVM Steel –
Alloy Stainless Steel-
III. Selection
The selection process began by researching the materials that were currently used in coronary stents and the future of coronary stents. Based upon this research the eight materials presented in the chart...

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