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Shelly Cashman Excel 2013| Chapter 1: SAM Project 1a
Shelly Cashman Excel 2013
Chapter 1: SAM Project 1a
Flex Cab Company
Project Goal
M Project Name
Project Goal
Mike Chen is the director of information systems for Flex Cab Company, a taxi service in Toronto, Ontario. Mike would like you to complete a report he has started to present statistics on the company’s on-time record for picking up passengers over a four-year period.
· Download the following file from the SAM website:
· SC_Excel2013_C1_P1a_FirstLastName_1.xlsx
· Open the file you just downloaded and save it with the name:
· SC_Excel2013_C1_P1a_FirstLastName_2.xlsx
· Hint: If you do not see the .xlsx file extension in the Save file dialog box, do not type it. Excel will add the file extension for you automatically.
· With the file SC_Excel2013_C1_P1a_FirstLastName_2.xlsx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in cell B6 of the Documentation sheet. If cell B6 does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.
Open the Pickup Analysis worksheet and use AutoFit to adjust the width of Column A.
In cell A1, enter the text Flex Cab Company and then merge cells A1:E1 and center their content.
Apply the Heading 1 cell style to the merged cell A1:E1 and then change the font to Verdana.
1. Enter the text Number of Pickups in cell A2 and merge and center the contents of cell A2:E2.
Bold the content of merged cell A2:E2, change the font size to 12 pt., and change the font color to Gold, Accent 4, Darker 50% (8th column, 6th row in the Theme Colors Section of the Font Color Palette).
Clear the contents of cell F3.
Apply the Accent4 cell style to the range...

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