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No Access to Anthrax On September 11, Americans faced their worst nightmare. In New York City, two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Centers and completely destroyed them. In Washington, D.C., another airplane crashed into the Pentagon and destroyed part of it. And one more airplane crashed in Pennsylvania. These four airplanes have killed more than 6,000 innocent people, who were trying to make living and live their life and did not know why their destiny was ended like this. Before this unforgettable and unthinkable tragedy occurred, this nation was living a peaceful life full of success. People were not afraid of going to malls, work, schools, airports, tall buildings, or any public place and some were not afraid of flying. But now, after the tragedy occurred, everything changed. Fear is following people everywhere. People are afraid to go anywhere because they do not know if that place or airplane is targeted or not.However, problems did not stop of coming to the United States. This time, it seems much harder to deal with the problem against unknown enemy; the problem now is having a disease that is attacking America, and called Anthrax. Anthrax is a disease that infects a person when he or she opens the mail if that mail is infected by this germ. People do not know yet where did Anthrax come from and how is responsible for such an act. Is it related to the terror attack or not? No body actually knows the source of this disease; people are just afraid of opening their mail. Only few people were infected by Anthrax and a couple of them died. I have read an article in the Dallas Morning News named "Investigators no closer to finding...

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1597 words - 6 pages body would produce antibodies to fight the disease when it came in its fully strengthened form. Even though Louis was given the credit for his heat-killed vaccine to immunize sheep in 1881, William Greenfield was the first to create the vaccine to immunize livestock in 1880. But, unlike most vaccines, the anthrax vaccine of today has no bacteria in it. That means that it is impossible for a person to get anthrax from this vaccine unlike some others

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1261 words - 6 pages and forensic testing. In a concerted effort, members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Postal Service, and several other government agencies were working on the case. Over the course of a seven year investigation no suspects were ever arrested. It was shown by investigators that the attacker had used several forms of Anthrax of different grades and or types. The form of Anthrax that had been mailed to the TV networks

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866 words - 3 pages by the fact that there was no documented case in the USA during the 20th century. Initial signs of infection are nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting and fever. These symptoms are then followed by severe abdominal pain, vomiting blood, and severe diarrhea. Death results in 25% to 60% of cases.Inhalational Anthrax: Initial symptoms may develop in 1-6 days and resemble those of the common cold or flu: sore throat, mild fever, muscle aches and

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1538 words - 6 pages vaccine is reported to be 93% effective in protecting against anthrax. If left untreated, the disease can be fatal. The anthrax vaccine is manufactured and distributed by BioPort, Corporation, Lansing, Michigan. The vaccine is a cell-free filtrate vaccine, which means it contains no dead or live bacteria in the preparation. The final product contains no more than 2.4 mg of aluminum hydroxide as adjuvant. Anthrax vaccines intended for animals should


775 words - 3 pages being made at a rapid rate. The only problem is the FDA has very strict rules and there is only one company at the moment that has the FDA's approval. I believe it is the government's duty to produce huge quantities of the anthrax vaccine and make it available to the people who need it with no charge. After all, it is through no fault of their own that they caught the disease. However, it is unfortunate that people now have to be on such

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1210 words - 5 pages , nothing was done when the anthrax failure occurred; therefore the cult continued to wreak havoc on Tokyo by the use of sarin. According to Takahashi, Keim, Kaufmann, Keys, Smith, Taniguchi, Inouye, and Kurata (2004), many residents reported numerous complaints to authorities and environmental personnel about unpleasant odors emitting from the main building of Aum Shinrikyo (p. 117). However, based on insignificant evidence and no noticeable illegal

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1260 words - 5 pages them with a working knowledge of their capability, a vast understanding of the effects of anthrax and means of dissemination. In the modern military this would be no more than a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear vulnerability assessment and a tool that all military commanders use every day to determine the readiness of their units. I believe understanding the threat and the overall ability of your advisory. This will father assist you in

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544 words - 2 pages . Under the current guidelines it would likely be sometime in mid- to late 2002 before ample supplies of the vaccine would be available for use. Although there are no plans to use a vaccine in the general US population, the military uses it extensively.The U.S. Defense Department's only maker of anthrax vaccine, BioPort Corporation, spent more than $2 million of government funds meant to improve vaccine production on items such as an unrelated

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1741 words - 7 pages 1. Introduction Anthrax is one of the many biological weapons that cause the world to panic. Biological weapons can be described as a weapon that are using material such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxin, or other biological agents that can be utilized against human, plants, or animals (Schneider, 2014). Biological weapons have already been used during ancient times. Tossing rotting animals into heavy fortified town to slowly killing the

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1724 words - 7 pages survive severe heat and cold.Doctors have no experience treating anthrax on the scale of a biological attack, so it's difficult to predict exactly what might happen. Treatment of anthrax with antibiotics such as Cipro may be successful if anthrax is identified as the cause of disease and people who were exposed receive treatment quickly.Anthrax is only one of our main concerns. Another hazard is smallpox. Smallpox, an infectious disease caused by

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2376 words - 10 pages that effects the muscles leading to weakness and possible paralization, and sensation problems). One person contracted bio-polar disorder, and another contracted lupus, (leads to problems with the joints, skin, kidney, brain, lug, heart and gastrointestinal tract) and still has not recovered. Is the pentagon telling military personnel about this? No way! In a study at Fort Detrick scientists subjected guinea pigs to fist the anthrax vaccination

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560 words - 2 pages Isn't That a Rock Band?Anthrax in recent times has become very well publicized in this time of uncertainty. With the threat of terrorism lingering, anthrax has been documented in its use as a biological warfare agent (Fox 1). The following will discuss what type of disease anthrax is, the symptoms of infection, what is occurring at the cellular level to cause the symptoms and possible treatments available to counteract anthrax effects."Anthrax

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2550 words - 11 pages sent to the media outlets. They initially thought there could have been 2 attackers. Sandia National Labs was brought on board to assist in analyzing the anthrax. They found that the anthrax in Daschle and Leahy’s envelopes was further refined than the anthrax sent to the media sources, but was in fact the same anthrax. Next, they examined the envelopes, and found that there were no fingerprints or DNA. However, the markings that cover the

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