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No Child Moving Forward Essay

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There has always been an issue with the educational standards in the United States, test scores have been dropping and the achievement gap has been widening. Multiple acts have been passed by congress to help overcome these educational obstacles. One act in particular has been catching the attention of teachers, parents and students alike and not a positive view at that. The No Child Left Behind program was implemented by the Bush administration in attempt to raise the standards in testing and close the achievement gap between races. .The No Child Left Behind program at first glance seems like a marvelous idea, but with further inspection the great idea is actually turning into a chain that holds back all the children who want to move forward.
Since NCLB core focus is on math, writing, and reading for economic success, subjects like art and music were cut or eliminated from the curriculum. William Hayes interviews a music teacher on how NCLB has affected her teaching career, “[She] spoke of how instruments in her classroom now gather dust because the school has prioritized NCLB test-prep over music (70).” NCLB not only tries to standardize test scores, but takes away the students opportunity to enjoy other aspects in school other than math and reading. Class times has also changed since the start of NCLB, for instances a reading class that was normally forty-five minutes has now been extended to an hour, which goes the same for mathematics and writing classes. This tends to have a domino effect on extracurricular activities like band practice and events held by drama classes, since they lose class times they have to make it up after school unfortunately in some cases NCLB has taken a grasp over performing arts after school activities. From a personal account high school bands, especially the high schools that have an active marching, have been hit hard from the NCLB program.
The Act was at first used to gauge the performance of students with the use of standardized test; this resulted in schools getting through loops holes to gain more funding from the government. Education soon became corrupt since the use of standardized testing determined how much money a school gets. Schools then see other curriculum that is not directly related to NCLB standard testing as “unimportant” or “an unnecessary course for the growth of the school.” The assessment on the students has always been the main goal for No Child Left Behind, but how standard are these tests, and are they really accurate enough to state that children in America are or are not learning something? First, standardized testing is different state to state, if NCLB were under one set of testing standards it would be a lot easier to see where students are at. Unfortunately, that will not happen, since each state has a right to regulate its individual standards for the test. Next, many researchers and journalist are talking about the kids who have disabilities It is common knowledge that all...

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