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No Child Should Be Deprived Of A Home Because Of Prejudice

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Former President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy said it best when he proclaimed "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." Although helping children become the best they can be is a universal platform endorsed by most, if not all, legislation passed by state governments in the last hundred years seems to sing to a different tune. According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as of 2007 there were “approximately 130,000 in the child welfare system waiting to be adopted.”(Averett) Adoption is widely viewed as the most positive service available to children in the child welfare arena. According to Wulczyn and Hislop, researchers at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, the benefits of adoption are high including greater levels of emotional security, sense of belonging, and emotional well-being (Hansen). With many agreed upon advantages of adoption over-long term stints in foster care, children’s homes, and temporary care facilities it would be logical to believe that federal and state governments would favor most legislation promoting responsible adoption. This is true in part; and is realized through incentives given by the national government to states and adopting families. This has consequently doubled adoptions since the 90’s (Hansen) Flawed though is that both state and federal legislation are neglecting a huge untapped population willing to attempt to adopt. Approximately half of gay men and 41% of lesbian women want to have a child (Gates). There are an estimated 10,456,405 homosexuals residing in the United States ( We can then assume that there are nearly 5 million gay and lesbian Americans or approximately 2.5 million gay or lesbian households could potentially consider adoption. The latest numbers suggest that 2 million gay and lesbians are in fact interested in adopting (Averett). In 2007 there were 50,000 adoptions that took place in the United States, the majority of which being to heterosexual families (Hansen). Averett, Nalavany, and Scott, in their article featured in adoption quarterly, state that” policies of adoption agencies, social stigma, and state laws have created barriers for gay and lesbian couples in the adoption process.” If new legislation, without prejudice, allowed gay and lesbian families to apply for adoption many more children whom wish for a loving family would have that wish granted. Although Americans are split down the middle in accepting these families as adopters (Robison) if it is possible to dispel some of the rumors and distorted views that many have toward this issue I would hope that we could eventually come to a conclusion that puts a child's best interest in front of one's own comfort level.
Children's homes and foster care are both a critical and under appreciated part of our child welfare system. These both provide important services such as emergency placements, special needs placements, and in some cases long...

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