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No Common Word Essay

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For years now, a new religious movement has been sweeping through the United States creating a huge uproar as to whether or not Chrislam is a possible solution to solve problems between Christians and Muslims. Beginning in the 1970s, the first movement of Chrislam, Ifeoluwa, was started predominately in Lagos, Nigeria by Tela Tella. Then came the second movement, Oke-Tude, which has had a stronger stand since it began in 1999 by Shamsuddin Saka. Both, Tella and Saka, were supposedly told by God, or Allah in Islamic, to make peace between the Christian and Islamic faiths. Well known ministers are now joining in the belief of a commonality between Christians and Muslims, this includes Rick ...view middle of the document...

Jesus was not considered as a prophet in the Christian religion, unlike in the Islamic religion. Jesus was God and vice versa, never was He a prophet. Islam believes that Jesus came from Allah as a prophet born of a virgin birth. Jesus went about spreading religious practices and miracles, before being taken in by the Romans. In the Bible, the Romans arrested Jesus and tried Him for claiming to be the son of God. Jesus was then crucified on the cross, placed in a tomb, and then rose three days later. This is the story that Christians grew up to, but to Muslims this story is completely wrong. The story Muslims grew up to was that Jesus never actually died. Muslims believe that because Jesus came back to life that he never actually died. Jesus never died for three days and never ascended into heaven. This difference is one of the most noticeable differences between Christians and Muslims.
A third difference between Christians and Muslims is the Holy Trinity; God the Holy Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Holy Son. Islam has no such thing as the Holy Trinity. They deny that Jesus was ever Allah in the flesh; they deny that Allah had a spirit that could speak to people. Islam denies the Holy Trinity. If the Muslims believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, how can they deny that Jesus is Allah and vice versa. Denying the Holy Trinity causes a chain of events that doesn’t make since to many. In a sense, denying the Holy Trinity denies the virgin birth of Jesus which entitles that Jesus was never a predominant figure in the Islamic religion. By looking at the different views of the Holy Trinity, this example of how Christianity is different from Islam is another good example.
Lastly, the Christian Bible is canonical, meaning that the text that can be found within it has been or can be confirmed by people and physical evidence including century old scrolls with the original text. Also, many people wrote the Bible over the course of many years. A majority of the Old Testament was wrote by autobiographers, the title of the book is also the writers name: Job, Joshua, Jeremiah, etc., or was wrote by someone close to who the book was about: Ester is believed to be written by Mordecai. Then the New Testament is wrote mainly by Jesus’s disciples, specifically Paul and John. The Qur’an was only written by Muhammed, which was the last of the twenty-five supposed prophets. With that in mind, there was no other person or prophet that could confirm all these stories nor was enough strong physical evidence to support Muhammed’s Qur’an. This make the Qur’an non-canonical, therefore any evidence in the Qur’an cannot be proven.
Christianity has been the largest religion for centuries and now is being threatened by Islam, the second largest religion. Some Christian ministers are falling...

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