No Company Has Grown More Than Apple

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Through the last couple of decades technology companies have seen major surge in the global brand market. Interbrand, a company that researches and analyzes companies for their value, have shown that in this past year that seven out of ten out of the top ten companies in the world are technology-based companies. Though, no other company has seen greater growth than a company by the name of Apple. Apple is a technology brand known to many in world for its simplistic design and relative adaptable interface. Apple strength is so predominant in America that over fifty percent of America owns some sort of Apple product from the IPod, IPad, MacBook, IPhone, and etc. Apple has grown a lot from it’s beginning in 1976 to now where it estimated to be worth 98 billion dollars by Interbrand which makes it the number one product global brand of today in the world. Now throughout Apple’s history there have been ups and downs, but something has in its history helped it become such a significant part of American culture and see itself grown into a global juggernaut.
Apple was founded on April 1,1976 in Cupertino, California by its two main creators, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple starting off like many widely known companies like Microsoft, but the what separated in them was the their lean toward simplicity in their design. Apple focus on simplicity has been their main caption since their very first computer, the Apple I. Now the Apple I first hit the market in July 1976 and while, it didn’t make it to mainstream due to its price, $666.66, it did become the first computer ever to be fully “assembled” on purchase. The Apple I did see great success in the computer world it didn’t really meet the public’s eye or affect the popular culture of the time, but that all change with their second release. On June 5, 1977, Apple released Apple II. Apple II broke the idea that computers were specifically for the computer hobbyists, but could be use by anybody from the modern housewife to even children. Now the Apple II not only opened the America’s eyes, but this device was the very thing that got Apple first international interest. It helped them open their first Japanese dealership by helping them find Toshio Mizushima.
Now a lot happen in the 1980s to mid 1990s that help characterize Apple into what it is today from good times to bad. The beginning of the 1980, Apple was still seeing a lot of success from innovation. On May 19, 1980, Apple released the Apple III, which quickly started to receive a great amount of backlash for its major problem of overheating. Now the Apple III was the first computer to become a bad example for Apple sort of extreme lean toward simplicity. Apple tried to see that could shipped computer without fans to see if they could make the design of their computers even more simple. Now Apple was kept afloat by it releasing newer and better versions of its loved Apple II, but still wasn’t seeing much success as it was when it first released...

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