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No Definitive Profile Of Successful Entrepreneurs

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There has been a large amount of attention paid to the subject of entrepreneurship in the last few years; mainly because most people have chosen to go from working for somebody else, to be their own bosses and work for their dreams. Nevertheless, many still wonder what is entrepreneurship and what is that sets entrepreneurs apart from other regular business owners. At first, it seems both concepts do not differ much from each other since they both start up and run businesses and assume risks to pursue opportunities; however, there are certain traits that difference them.
Free-lance writer and expert in economic issues Jeanne Holden suggest:
“There is no one definitive profile of an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs come in various ages, income levels, gender, and race. They differ in education and experience. But research indicates that most successful entrepreneurs share certain personal attributes, including: creativity, dedication, determination, flexibility, leadership, passion, self-confidence, and smarts." (Principles of Entrepreneurship)
These are the attributes characterize entrepreneurs and set them apart; they use them and develop them through the course of developing a new business idea to the consolidation of it. When they first start developing ideas, entrepreneurs demonstrate their huge creativity and dedication; being creative allows entrepreneurs to come up with different and innovative business ideas, develop them and improve them in a way that most regular business owners do not do. Along with it comes dedication, which is vital for entrepreneurs to make their ideas come true; they work twenty-four hours a day seven days a week if necessary to start a new business, while other businessmen lack that devotion to their creations and that feeling of affiliation to their companies.
Afterwards, in the middle of the creation of a new business entrepreneurs need...

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