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The rock group No Doubt has been very successful as a band. They have released multi-platinum albums (1995’s diamond-certified Tragic Kingdom, 2001’s Rock Steady, and a 2003 singles collection) and they also have many hit singles (“Just A Girl,” “Don’t Speak,” “Hey Baby,” “Hella Good,” “Underneath It All,” and “It’s My Life”). They have sold-out international tours and won two Grammy Awards and five MTV Video Music Awards. The group was invited to perform for Paul McCartney and President Obama at the annual Kennedy Center Honors in 2010. Gwen Stefani is the lead singer of the group. She has been very successful as a singer by herself with two best-selling solo albums. She also has been very successful as a fashion designer with her L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers and Harajuku Mini clothing lines. Other members of the group have been successful as well when they have worked on individual projects.
The group’s latest album, Push And Shove, is a blend of rock, dancehall, and electronic pop. People who have liked their music for a long time will really enjoy this album and be happy to hear the sound they always liked from No Doubt but may also be a little surprised by some of the music that is new and different. People who did not listen to No Doubt when the group started over twenty years ago will like this album too. This term project will discuss the history of “No Doubt,” the music that influenced the group, successes as a group and as individual musicians, and the group’s influence on rock music.
The way No Doubt got together sounds like something from a television show. Eric Stefani and John Spence met at a Dairy Queen (in Anaheim, California) and talked about getting a group together to play music. Eric got a keyboard and gathered some other musicians together to practice. The practice included Gwen Stefani (backing vocals), John Spence (vocals), Eric Stefani (keyboards), Chris Leal (bass), Jerry McMahon (guitar), Gabe Gonzalas (trumpet), and Alan and Tony Meade (saxophone). When the group first got together they practiced in Eric's parents' garage. Tony Kanal (bass) joined the band after seeing one of the band’s early shows. Soon after that Paul Caseley (trombone) and Eric Carpenter (saxophone) joined too (LaMarre,152).
Sadly, in December 1987, Spence committed suicide several days before the band was supposed to play at The Roxy Theatre for some important people from the record industry. No Doubt had broken up but decided to get back together after several weeks. Alan Meade took over the vocals. When Alan Meade left the band, Gwen Stefani replaced him as lead singer, and No Doubt continued to develop a live following in California. Tom Dumont left his band, Rising (a heavy metal band he and his sister belonged to), in early 1988 because he wanted to put more focus into the music, which he felt was not the focus for the local metal bands. He then replaced Jerry McMahon as the band's guitarist when he joined No Doubt. The year after,...

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