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Analytical Summary of “No English Needed”
Over 14 million households exist in the United States where English is not the primary language. The United States takes in over 1,000,000 million immigrants per year; the United States of America is very diverse, with a lot of different people from various backgrounds. Several immigrants manage to be successful with the huge cultural divide. Many come to America and do extremely well in their chosen fields. In the article “No English Needed,” author Kirk Semple offers a few examples of some immigrants who can barely speak English, yet still manage to be successful.
The author uses a documentary style to describe three successful, non-English speaking immigrants: Felix Sanchez de la Vega Guzman, Zhang Yulang, and Kim Ki Chol. Semple also utilizes a anecdotal organizational structure with three personal stories, a statistic, and no conclusion. The author focused the article on each of the three immigrants’ stories and explains how they reached success with “no English needed.” The immigrants’ stories provide supporting examples that contribute to the main point: moving to the U.S and establishing a fortune does not require English. Felix Sanchez de la Vega Guzman’s story is the first supporting point used to advance the central thesis. He is a prime example of an immigrant going from rags to riches. He came to the U.S and eventually “turned a business selling tortillas on the street into a $19 million food manufacturing empire that threaded together the Mexican diaspora from coast to coast and reached back into Mexico itself” (Semple 648). Felix’s success was partially due to him picking a location where everyone spoke the same language and used similar goods and services. Semple uses Mr. Sanchez to show that the area around a person can allow him to succeed without needing English at all. According to Semple, immigrants “have rooted their businesses in big cities with immigrant populations large enough to insulate them from everyday situations that demand English” (648). Many immigrants, like Sanchez, use the environment around them to choose where they can thrive using their native language. The point is further backed up with Mr. Sanchez's testimony: “You don’t need English…A deal is only a cheap long-distance phone call or a few key strokes on the computer away...All in Spanish” (Semple 648). Another supporting...

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