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No Film Break Technology Essay

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The new stretch wrapping system that Lantech Company created is used to improve the bottom line system and to increase the film yield in factories. The stretch wrap or shrink film is the tertiary packaging, which is used to gather many products into one unit to support the transport function. The bottom line of many products, especially beverage products, will end up with the stretch wrapper to wrap the products with a pallet and continuously transfer to the next station of production line by using belt or rolling conveyer. Then, the finished products are moved to stock at the warehouse. This technology is the unique technology from Lantech Company and it is under the patent-pending process. This new machine is designed for an in-line high-speed palletizer. Which can support a wide range of products such as shelf-ready packages, the products that shipped in display packs, and order-picked loads of mixed product. It can speed up to 100 pallets per hour. This system has no pulling, crushing, or deformation of the load during the process. Therefore, it can be used for display packs and light loads.

The No Film Break technology has great advantages to the wrapping system on saving the production time in bottom lines and increasing the ability to use entire rolls of film. From these advantages, Buffalo Rock Company installs this system into their production line to eliminate bottling-line stoppages and operator intervention. Normally, the existing wrapping machine run 40 to 55 pallets per hour and required operators to manage when film breaking or changing for the new film roll. When apply this new machine system, Buffalo Rock can reduce uptime operation and improve the ability to use entire rolls of film. Another function that...

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