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No Longer at Ease

The story explores the conflicts in Obi Okonkwo's life. He is a young
man from Eastern Nigeria who has to develop his career in the midst of
all his problems. He is pressurised by the men of his tribe, the
Umuofia Progressive Union, not to forget his traditions and to pay his
dues to they helped him to be educated.

He is also faced with the conflict of adhering to the Christian
principle his father Isaac Okonkwo, a staunch Christian, raised him
with and the seduction of the so-called “evil Western influences” on
the younger Nigeria generation.

Moreover he falls in love with a woman, Clara, who is considered by
tribe to be from a cursed family. His parents don't approve of his
engagement to her and he has to choose between his love for her or
pleasing his family and tribe.

Loved it

No Longer at Ease is beautifully written book about colonialism and
the alienating influence it has on those Africans who lose touch with
their roots as they try to adapt to the changing times. I enjoyed this
rich, challenging and fascinating story. The Usurper and Other
Stories, The Village of waiting, Disciples of Fortune, Anthills of the
Savannah, Triple Agent Double Cross are some of the other African
titles I enjoyed.


1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star A Sensitive, Complex Novel

The title of Chinua Achebe's No Longer at Ease suggests the
possibility of a time when there was "ease." The struggles of the
protagonist, Obi Okonkwo, a twenty-six year old Umuofian educated in
the British Colonial system and at the university in Great Britain,
are analogous to the struggles facing Nigerian society during the
period at the end of colonization. Obi must manage the complexities
occasioned by his position as a senior civil servant in the British
colonial administration in Lagos and his "taboo" love for Clara, a
nurse educated in Britain and an osu, a woman banned from marriage by
tribal traditions.

While working on his English B.A. and living in Britain on a 800 pound
sterling investment of his tribe, the Umuofian Union, Obi celebrates
his country in a poem, entitled "Nigeria." He writes, "How sweet it is
to lie beneath a tree / At eventime and share the ecstasy / Of jocund
birds and flimsy butterflies" (19). No Longer at Ease depicts the
complicated picture of Nigeria that Obi finds after four years study

The novel portrays the interactions of diverse, layered communities in
pre-Independence Nigeria in the late 1950s. Achebe describes rural
tribal societies, such Umuofia, in contrast to the urban elite of

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