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No More Guns Essay

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Gun control is an effort to end violent crimes by strengthening laws on the ownership of firearms. According to our Second Amendment, people have the right to “keep and bear arms.” But, the Supreme Court has acknowledged exceptions to the Second Amendment freedoms, and also the fact that no right is absolute.
Americans have argued for a long time about laws that would allow professors or students to carry firearms on college campuses. Do gun-control laws on U.S. college campuses reduce violence, or they take weapons from honest citizens while leaving them in the hands of criminals? According to Villahermosa, “allowing guns on campuses will create problems, not solve them.” (“Guns Don’t belong in the Hand of Administrators, Professors, or Students” para. 1) I totally agree with Villahermosa’s point of view, and I believe that guns bring violence. Overall, gun related crimes on college campuses are a major problem in the United States, today.
Other experts disagree with Villahermosa’s point of view. For example, in an article written by Timothy Wheeler entitled “There’s A Reason They Choose Schools,” the author clearly demonstrates the “success of armed first responder.” ( ”There’s A Reason They Choose Schools” para. 5) In Wheeler’s opinion, schools and colleges are targets for mass shootings because of their gun-free zone policy. Overall, this is what makes colleges vulnerable to mass shootings.
Based on my research, this report evaluates if the potential risk for injuries and death resulted from the latest mass shootings on U.S. College campuses should increase public interest, and if new legislative bills in favor of arming professors or students should be created.
This report covers topics such: what we know about violence on U.S. college campuses, what research indicates about the effects of gun-free policy on U.S. College campuses, how expert’s opinions differ when analyzing the research, what police and armed forces experts have to say, and what actions are taken today to avoid mass shootings on our college campuses.
The report concludes that gun possession should be strictly limited, and gun-free policy should be kept in place on all college campuses across our nation. Moreover, recommendation is made for immediate action in an effort to end violence on college campuses.

First of all, those who own firearms are more likely to become victims of homicide or to commit crimes. Guns are a tool that helps people to kill and injure others. According to Villahermosa, a deputy sheriff, professors, and students should not be allowed to carry guns at schools and colleges. In his opinion, not all students and professors are capable of learning how to shoot well especially, in stressful situations. As a result of not being well trained to use firearms, accidents can happen, and innocent students or simple observers may lose their lives in a real shooting situation. In addition, Darby Dickerson, a member of the American Law...

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