No Matter How Loud I Shout

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In Chapter 1 the story setting is LA County Court, Juvenile Division. Beckstrand is talking to the author and tell him that the first thing to learn about the system in Inglewood is that nothing works. A case is beginning and the study showing that juvenile detention doesn't work is in question. In many cases it is one really doesn't who wins, or if anyone get will. This part of LA is a poverty based environment community that's really sees the wealthy. The city is divided by race and and economic status.

Fear and confusion plays a huge part in the criminal justice system because of the huge number of cases and facilities unable to handle them. The building is condemned and they have new ...view middle of the document...

She went and got "jumped in" the Tepa gang and even fought boys to prove herself and win respect. She quickly became a popular leader because she was smart and quick. She loved the sense of loyalty and the clarity of their moral code. So when a friend was shot, she took it upon herself to get revenge and do a drive-by. Carla found it thrilling.(Humes,1996)

After several other arrest, Carla was involved in a drive by shooting. The judge thought it would be a good idea for Carla to go to a camp for a year. The name of the camp was Camp Resnick. "At Camp Resnick, Carla used her charm to impress the staff. When she returned, she was handed over to her PO, Sharon Stegall. Carla tried to play Stegall and Stegall saw through it, giving her a week. However, Carla still surprised her, linking back up with her gang and coming up missing a week later."(Humes,1996)

Chapter 3 open with Richard being released and he is happy about that and he seems to have built a relationship with the other juveniles in the jail. He seems to be bragging but at the same time putting on a show to impress the other juveniles. Geri doesn't find it funny because Richard thinks that he can't go to jail. Beckstrand saw Duncan, she was in great despair to prosecute him. She had seen the number of killings he had caused shooting two people who he said that he loved in the back of the head with a double-barreled shotgun.

Peggy doesn't like her job some times because of the situations she have to deal with on a daily basis. She used to work sex crimes regularly and thinks back to a case of a boy named Peter who was sexually molested by his father. Although Peggy given him the strength to testify against his father who blew kisses at him during the trial. Peter's father hired a new lawyer who was granted a new trial and the case was dismissed. After his father was freed from prison Peter was released to the system through child welfare. "In another case, a young Korean boy, John Sloan, can be tried as an adult and this policy will lead Peggy to clash with Judge Dorn, a minister who tries to rescue kids."(Humes,1996)

In Chapter 4, Humes starts to talk about how Geri's parents had been con artists. They used drugs and engaged in sexual activities in front of him. and had sex in front of him. Geri Vance was a sixteen year old and was a smart kid. His dad made him fondle a prostitute at the sweet age of six. His mother beat him until. He started bleeding when he was caught him playing with a gun and smoking marijuana like his father. He also saw his mother try to kill his father for having sex with a prostitute in their bed. Contrary to Judge Dorn that was introduced in chapter 3 he knows the system and knows how the system work. He is trying to prevent the foolery that's coming on in the system. Dorn is trying to take the route of intervention.

In chapter 5 a delinquent by the name of Luis Santos will be tried as an adult and left to protect himself from a lot of men that are...

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