No Money, More Problems Essay

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Amal FarooquiProfessor KomninosWriting 1 3-5pmEssay # 2October 12, 2014No Money, More ProblemsMany people argue that money can't buy love, but even those people can't argue with the fact that money can make or break a relationship. Money effects all types of relationships such as friend or family relationships, but the people most affected by it are couples, more specifically married couples. Money is one of the leading causes of arguments for couples. Even some of the strongest couples cannot get passed the burden that money, or the lack of it, brings. It doesn't always have to be negative sometimes it can bring couples closer together with your partner when you work together. In a relationship, money can influence your emotions, decision making, and overall feelings towards your partner.Lack of communication is the main cause of arguments over money. Money isn't an easy topic to discuss but it's necessary. You need to be equipped with and understanding of your partner's thoughts, feelings, and financial baggage to have a healthy marriage. "When a couple shares the same attitude toward money, their relationship tends to thrive, but if a penny pincher pairs up with a spendthrift, however, it's a match made in hell". You need to find a common ground with your partner because that will help you with decisions making. You don't your life to be a constant tug-of-war between two ideas. Communication is the key to most marital financial struggles. Dealing with debt is often the first issue on the agenda. Knowing what you are getting yourself, and having a plan to deal with it can really save you from arguments later on. A good example of this is in the story "Twenty Grand", by Rebecca Curtis, where a husband and wife living in poverty find out that they spent a coin worth 20,000$. The husband didn't share the coin's value with his wife because she "would have spent it" (51). However, that didn't stop her from spending the coin and eventually crushing all of their potential dreams. If he had discussed the value of the coin with his wife they could have worked together to find a good use for it. The decision of spending the coin should have been a mutual agreement. Marriage is a partnership, every decision you make, you make together. Whether it's buying a house, having kids, or buying a new couch, the couple should work together to make those decisions. Having children is a huge decision for a couple because of how much responsibility and money is involved. Today it costs on average around $300,000 to raise a child for 18 years. If you cannot financially afford to take care of a child you shouldn't have one. Even though children are a blessing to a couple in poverty they can just make matters worse. In the story "Jack in the Pot", by Dorothy West, we meet a father of 5, Mr. Johnson who doesn't have enough money for himself let alone 5 children. As much as he may love his children, it can't be easy to think that he would be better off without them. Even...

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