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No Money, No Morals, No Kids

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When you become a parent you take the responsibility of caring for the child, providing a safe environment were your child has the ability to be as successful as they desire. When parents do not live their lives they way they should it can cause a permanent effect on the life of their children. When a parent is unable to support them self even without the burden of a child are they really going to be able too provide and care for a child? Is someone who is a registered sex offender really a suitable provider for a child? The government needs to look at these facts and regulate the number of children, if any, a couple should be allowed to have.

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I have determined that having an average salary is more then enough to raise a child.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness”. This saying has some meaning but it also contradicts it self. While money can’t buy happiness, if you don’t have money it takes a strong soul to be happy. No one wants to live pay check to pay check the rest of their lives. As a child and now as a teen, the things I enjoy and look forward require money. I look forward to family vacations, and going out for dinner with my family. In order for a child to be able to relish in a life that they are given the tools to succeed to their greatest abilities, they need to not only have the necessities of life but some of the luxuries that life has to offer. The parent needs to be financially sound enough to provide at least a few of these potentially life altering experiences.

If a family is financially sound but haunted by other factors, it could completely ruin a child’s potential in life. It is for this reason that I believe that registered sex offenders should not be allowed to raise children. It is a known fact that 72.7% of registered sex offenders will commit another crime once released from jail. Not only is it damaging for a child to have a father or mother constantly being hauled in and out of jail, it is socially and mentally damaging to have a parent that is a registered sex offender. If a father who is a rapist raises the child, and the child’s friends find out they will constantly harass and torment the child.

Another frightening fact about sex offenders is that 93% of molestations of young boys are...

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